The Forgotten Archive

The Zios statue in the Lost Temple of Zios has been a conversation topic in Jamaa for a long time.  The rubble of the statue laid on the ground for years before it magically was rebuilt after the solar eclipse in August 2017.  The statue could be seen levitating above the ground but there weren’t any answers why.

Two weeks later, Jammers learned the real reason for the resurrection of the Zios statue.  A secret room had been revealed – The Forgotten Archive!  The Forgotten Archive is an area below the Zios statue.  Let’s take a look at where it is and what’s inside!

Where is the Forgotten Archive?

The Forgotten Archive can be found in the Lost Temple of Zios.  Look for the floating Zios statue near the middle of the area.  You’ll see some stairs under the statue, go down them to access the Forgotten Archive.

When you first go inside the Forgotten Archive you’ll have to go down a set of rock steps.

At the bottom of the steps you’ll find the Forgotten Relics shop.

Here you can find some ancient relic items!

In the next area you’ll find a gold Zios statue with some books on it.  The whole wall behind it is full of ancient scrolls too.  Find out more about these messages below.

To the right of this room you’ll see 3 portals.  Two of them currently go to different adventures – The Trials of Zios and The Mystery Below.  The third portal will eventually go to another adventure.

Now if you keep going to the right there is a waterfall.  I almost missed it the first time but there is a staircase behind the waterfall!  Go up the stairs to find the next room.

In this top room there are some more books and scriptures, some paints, and a mysterious wall.  Each of the three areas has a different message when you click on it.

Forgotten Archive Messages

Throughout the Forgotten Archive you’ll find 6 different messages.  Some of them have predicted events around Jamaa while others are still unsolved.  What do you think the messages mean?

A lot of mysteries still remain about the Forgotten Archive.  I’ll update this page when any new discoveries are made!

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  1. I know why. It is really Zios

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