The Forgotten Desert Cheats & Walkthrough Guide


The Forgotten Desert is one of the newest Animal Jam adventures and is currently only available for members who have eagles.  Once you play the adventure you’ll see why!  To begin the adventure, go to the Adventures Base Camp or select the adventure from the menu.


You will want to do this adventure with three other players if possible.  You’ll need 3 other eagles with you to complete some of the objectives!


First you’ll talk to Liza and she tells you that the forgotten desert was once a thriving lush land protected by the power of five special crystals.

Then the phantoms invaded and destroyed many of the crystals. Some phantoms stayed behind to make sure no one gathered the remaining crystals though!

The phantoms will be switching guards for the next 17 minutes so you have time to search for the crystal shards. You need to fly around and find the crystals.

Green Crystal Shards

The green crystal shards are the easiest to find.  They are visible above ground and can be easily spotted while you’re flying around.


You’ll be able to see them like this.  Just click on the paw print to pick them up~


Orange Crystal Shards

The orange crystal shards a bit harder to find.  You wont be able to see the actual crystal from the air but you will see a sparkle coming from the ground.


When you’re above the orange crystals you’ll see the sparkle then the paw print will appear so you can pick it up!


Blue Crystal Shards

The blue crystal shards can be found in the dried oasis pools.


Keep an eye out for the dry oasis pools.  Here’s what they look like.


Go to the nearest pool of water to pick up a watering pail.


Fly back to the dry oasis and use the pail to fill it back up.  Now you’ll be able to see the blue crystal shard and pick it up!


White Crystal Shards

The white crystal shards are the most difficult ones to find so far.  The white crystals will only appear once you sit on top of the right cactus.


Find a sparkling cactus then sit on top of it for a second or two and the white crystal shard will appear on the ground.


Purple Crystal Shards

The purple crystal shards are the most difficult to find.  Remember how I said you’d want to have three other eagles with you for this adventure?  That’s so you can find the purple shards!


When you have four players playing the Forgotten Desert adventure, you’ll see that there are some rocks sparkling.  All four players must sit on top of the sparkling rocks in order to find the purple crystal shards!


Once you find all of the crystals, you’ll get a rare prize from Liza!

  1. i need membership

  2. Anyone wanna find all the purple shards?

  3. so i just became a member, and i have played the adventure twice. the people i do it with don’t seem to care about getting them all, and i haven’t gotten any good prizes! any advice? the best i got was rare mech angel wings!

    • friend me. I want to finish the forgotten desert too. aruth2478

  4. im NM so i cant play the forgotten dessert 🙁 my user if fireislife101

  5. i really really am trying for an hd, its my dream item, do they still have them. i like want one sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo bad, not just to trade for longs, but to wear 🙁 plzzzz tell me if u would be lenient on my trade, im dragontigergirl11

  6. lol i never get spiked collars…help meh

  7. ;-; i wish i could get a spike but i’m NM so i cant play Forgotten Desert is there a different game u can play or am i boned. ;-; btw my user is Little0bear1

  8. hi my name is mollym1230 be free 2 friend me if you have nerd glasses i will trade everything for them if not how do you get nerd glasses please tell me

  9. its hard to get all of them
    I AM JMATHARU3036 plz buddy me i do give peeps gifts 😉 and join the other animal jam websites there awesome u learn more and do more 😀 see u next time XD

  10. How do you get the puple ones

  11. can you plzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz tell me how 2 get a headdress in The Forgotten Desert Thanks1!1

    • you can’t, they’re discontinued. You can however try to trade for them using spiked collars you can win from the Forgotten Desert!
      Best wishes, Espeonandsylveon~!

  12. idk how u get betas lol i won long spiked collars tho

  13. oooh, i love this!

  14. i want betas can someone tell me how to get one plz!

    • You cant get betas unless you trade for them.

    • I can help you, let me help.

      You need to have luck to win betas from the forgotten desert.

      You can also trade for them

    • There isn’t really a way to get betas, you just play the game and they’re the prizes sometimes. It may seem hard to get them, but once you play the adventure more, you’ll get them more frequently. It’s all pretty much randomized.

    • The best way to get them is by trading. U can get some at the beta party that appears once a year. But those aren’t of equal worth. Before you trade make sure you know it’s a fair trade.

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