Play Wild Foxes – How to Get Them!

Everyone likes the cute animals in Play Wild. The Fox is one of those cute and furry animals that you can play as. It was first released as part of The Clever Fox Bundle in August of 2015. It had a price tag of $1.99 in the Premium Shop, and could not be obtained by using in-game currencies.

After a couple of months, in November 2015, the Fox was also made available for purchase with Gems. If you didn’t want the bundle, you could buy the Fox separately for 3000 Gems. After the bundle was removed, the Fox was made available at the Sapphire Shop for 150 Sapphires. After several more months, the price tag for the animal was decreased to 100 Sapphires. The Fox was last seen during September 2017, after which it was removed from the Sapphire Shop.

Play Wild Fox Appearance

The Fox has a fluffy brown overcoat, and a lighter beige undercoat and lower part of its face. It also has a beige tail tip. Its eyes appear to be lavender, and even though it has thin legs, it has some large and cute ears. You can see more of what the Fox looks like in the pictures below.

AJPW Fox Pictures

I have taken pictures of the actions and special abilities of the Fox, in order to get a better look at what it looks like. Firstly, I wanted to see what kind of dance moves it had in store for us. It appears to stand on its hind legs, shuffling around and twirling once. It continues dancing until you move it around.

The play action makes it chase after its own tail, running in a couple of circles until it catches the tip of it. It then sits down and nibbles on the tip of its tail for a while.

The hop action makes the Fox jump high up in the sky, and then land back on all four of its legs.

The sit action will make the fox sit down on its hind legs, its chest and head up. Its animation makes it look like its breathing calmly, and while doing so, its tail also wiggles slightly.

Lastly, the sleep action will make the Fox curl up into a ball, resting its head on its tail. Its eyes are closed and it appears as if it is wiggling back and forth slightly.

Fox Codes for Play Wild

The Fox is currently not available for sale in Play Wild. After some research, I have  concluded that there are no codes available for this animal either. If you already own the Fox, make sure to check out the Foxes Only Party and the Fox Lair, which is a secret area that only foxes can enter. You can find the Fox Lair by going to Appondale and finding the secret pathway.

If you don’t already own the Fox, your best bet would be to wait, and hopefully AJHQ will make it available again. Leave a comment down below if you want to share your favorite Fox stories!

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