Giant Rare Plaque – New AJ Promo Item

The Winter 2018 Animal Jam Box came with a lot of goodies, one of them being the Giant Rare Plaque. You have probably seen the rare tag on some of the in-game items, and now you are able to place an identical rare tag in your own den!

The Giant Rare Plaque was released back in December of 2018, and is currently very popular. Today, we are going to take a closer look at it, and see how you can obtain one for yourself.

Giant Rare Plaque Appearance

The Giant Rare Plaque looks like a large sign made out of gold. The plague has the word “Rare” written on it, which is darker than the color of the plaque itself. On each corner of the plaque, there is a single screw or bolt.

The plaque is identical to the rare symbol on normal rare items in the game. There is only one variant of this item. You can see what the item looks like in the picture above.

How to Get a Giant Rare Plaque in Animal Jam

There are currently two ways to obtain the Giant Rare Plaque. You can either redeem the code that comes in the Winter 2018 Animal Jam Box, or you can trade for it with another Jammer. The item is not sold in any of the shops in the game, and there is a high chance that it never will appear in them either.

Winter 2018 Animal Jam Box

If you are able to get your hands on the Winter 2018 Animal Jam Box, you will be able to get the Giant Rare Plaque. Inside the box, you will find a code, which you can redeem on Animal Jam.

Once you do that, you will receive the Giant Rare Plaque as a promotional gift. Keep in mind that it might be quite difficult to actually find an unopened Winter 2018 Animal Jam Box. They are no longer being distributed by AJHQ, so you will have to buy it from a 3rd party seller.


Trading is definitely an easier way to obtain the Giant Rare Plaque. However, you will first have to find a Jammer that owns one, and is willing to trade with you. After finding a trader, you will also have to offer items of equal value, or else no one will accept a trade from you.

Giant Rare Plaque Codes for AJ

There are currently no free codes for the Giant Rare Plaque. There are working codes inside of the Winter 2018 Animal Jam Box, but you will first have to find and purchase an unopened one. If you are looking to trade for a Giant Rare Plaque, leave a comment down below!

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