Animal Jam Happy Meal Toys – McDonalds Exclusive!

McDonald’s has started a new promo where you can get Animal Jam Plushies with your Happy Meal purchases. The exclusive AJ plushies will be available in October and November of 2018. It is currently said that only a select amount of McDonald’s locations in the UK and Mexico have these toys in stock, and that the exclusive AJ plushies will not get released in the US.

McDonald’s Exclusive AJ Plushies

There are a total of ten exclusive AJ plushies that are packed into Happy Meals. You have the Arctic Wolf, Coyote, Crocodile, Dolphin, Fox, Monkey, Owl, Penguin, Tiger and Toucan. To get the exclusive plushies, you will need to purchase a Happy Meal in the select McDonald’s locations in the UK or Mexico.

All ten plushies come in ten different color varieties, for a total of a hundred different plushies. They are about 3,5 inch in size, and have a little lace in the back. This allows you to attach the plushies to other things, such as your backpack, keychain etc.

If you are wondering what the plushies look like, I have found pictures of all ten animals. In the pictures below, you can see what the ten different Animal Jam plushies look like.

Exclusive Plushy Gift Codes

The cool thing about the McDonald’s exclusive Animal Jam plushies is that they come with a redeemable code. The codes allow you to redeem special den items within the game.

For example, if you got the Arctic Wolf plushie in your Happy Meal, you get a code with it. When you redeem that code in Animal Jam, you will receive an “Exclusive Arctic Wolf Plushie” den item. You can place that den item in your den to show everyone that you actually own the plushie.

I have found some websites where you can actually purchase the codes that come with the exclusive plushies. However, I do not recommend you to purchase those codes. For starters, you have no idea if the sellers already redeemed those codes. Nine times out of ten, sellers of such codes are scammers, and are out to get your money, in return for an useless code.

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  1. My granddaughter her name is true she is a big Animal Jammer she is 11 cheese artistic and has other issues I would really like to purchase these for her is there anyway I can do this she lives in St Louis Missouri thank you

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