Ice Dragon Wings – Rare AJPW Item

If you are looking for clothing items in Play Wild that will make your animal pop up, you should surely take a look at the Ice Dragon Wings. This clothing item was first released into the game on March 7, 2018. It was part of the Weekly Member Gift feature. Play Wild Members received this item between March 7 and March 14 of 2018. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Ice Dragon Wings, and tell you how you can obtain the item for yourself.

AJPW Ice Dragon Wings

Wearing the Ice Dragon Wings will definitely put you in the spotlight. The wings are mostly a mixture of light blue and light purple. The parts that are holding the wings together are light blue, while the actual netting of the wings are light purple. There is a horn at the tip of the wings on each side. You can see what the Ice Dragon Wings look like in the picture below.

How to Get the Ice Dragon Wings in Play Wild

Since the Ice Dragon Wings were part of the Weekly Member Gift feature, they were never for sale in the game. If you were a member between March 7, 2018 and March 14, 2018, you received the Ice Dragon Wings as a gift. If you weren’t a member back then, there was no other way for you to obtain the item. However, you can still get it by trading for it.


As mentioned above, the Ice Dragon Wings were never sold in any of the shops in Play Wild. If you want to obtain this item, you are going to have to trade for it. The best place for you to find traders in Play Wild is the Jamaa Township. You will often find many players there, especially in and around the Sapphire Shop. Ask around if anyone is trading the Ice Dragon Wings, and if so, what they want in return.

Ice Dragon Wings Play Wild Codes

Since the Ice Dragon Wings were rewarded to Play Wild Members as the Weekly Member Gift on March 7, 2018, it is nearly impossible for AJHQ to go ahead and release codes for the item. When AJHQ does release redeemable codes, its often for small amounts of Gems/Sapphires, and occasionally for promo items. The only way for you to obtain the Ice Dragon Wings is by trading for them.

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