Jamaa Township Secrets & Guide – Animal Jam

Jamaa Township is the main hub of Jamaa.  This is the town you first arrive at when you log in.


This town connects with Appondale, the Temple of Zios, and Sarepia Forest.  The center of Jamaa Township is usually very crowded with people advertising things.


Jamaa Township Journey Book Cheats Guide (Birds of Paradise)


Club Geoz: This is a dance club located in Jamaa Township.  Inside you can play Phantom Fighter and Spider Zapper mini games.


Sol Arcade: The arcade has every single game in Jamaa available to play in one room.  Jammers can also buy arcade games for their dens here.


Pillow Room: This room in Jamaa Township is an open room full of pillows.  It is mainly used as an adoption center among jammers.



Jam Mart Clothing: Jammers can find tons of different clothing items and accessories here in Jamaa Township.  You can sell old clothing using the recycling machine.


Jam Mart Furniture: This shop is full of furniture that jammers can buy to decorate their dens.  Furniture can also be recycled here.


Sol Arcade Shop: The arcade shop has arcade machines that jammers can buy for their dens.



Jamaa Derby: This game is a horse race where you try to get to the finish line before other players.  Use the spacebar or click on the screen to jump over obstacles.  You have three carrots to use as boosts during the race.

River Race: Steer your boat to the finish line using your arrow keys.  Avoid hitting the obstacles as you travel up the river.

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