Jamaaliday Rescue Adventure Tips Guide

Animal Jam has many different adventures that Jammers can go on, complete and earn all kinds of different rewards. Most of those adventures are available throughout the entire year. There are also seasonal adventures, such as the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure. Today, we are going to take a look at the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure, and tell you how you can easily complete it!

In order to access the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure, you have to click on the Parties button. It is located at the top of your screen. Once clicked, a list of adventures will appear. If you are ready for the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure, simply click on the adventure button to start it!

Jamaaliday Rescue Walkthrough Guide – Cheats & Tips


Once you click on the button, you will get teleported to the adventure. You first have to walk up a few steps to find Darter, a deer that tells you what your objectives are. He tells you that the Phantoms have stolen the Jamaaliday presents, and they decided to hide them in a giant maze, an ice labyrinth. The Phantoms are out to ruin the Jamaalidays, and it is up to you to save it!

Your mission is to find and retrieve as many hidden gifts as you possibly can. You will have to walk through the giant ice labyrinth, collect the gifts that you find by touching them and find the center of the maze to be able to get out of there. You will also get rewarded for finding as many presents as you can.

First Section

The very first section of the giant ice labyrinth contains a total of 33 presents. To avoid players memorizing where those presents are, AJHQ decided to make three different versions of the first section. After going through the first section, you will find a small area with 7 presents, as well as another deer, called Disco.

Second Section

After speaking to Disco, you will enter the second section of the giant ice labyrinth. This section contains a total of 36 presents, and also has four different versions. The second section also has two blocked doors, each with 16 presents behind it. Those doors can only be unblocked if four Jammers stand on four different buttons. This means that you will need to play with friends to get those extra 32 presents.

Third Section

After moving up through the Maze, you will come across another deer, called Pouncer. You will find 7 presents around Pouncer. After speaking to him, you will get to the third section. This is the section with the most presents; a total amount of 129. There are five different versions of this section, with different layouts. The third section also has a blocked passage with 16 presents behind it, which can only be opened with four Jammers standing on buttons.

Final Section

This time, you will talk to a deer called Venus. Around Venus, you will find 5 presents. Now you have arrived at the final section of the maze. This section contains 52 presents, and has a total of three different versions. There is also a blocked passage with an additional 16 presents, only accessible by opening the door with four Jammers in total.

Once you have found the center of the maze, you will see a deer called Quasar. Before talking to him, you can find an additional 22 presents in the immediate area. Collect those presents and talk to Quasar. Open the center chest to receive your reward for completing the adventure!

Jamaaliday Rescue Rewards

The amount of rewards that you receive for completing the Jamaalidays Rescue adventure depends on the amount of presents you have collected during your run. There are four groups; 75 Presents, 150 Presents, 250 Presents and 350 Presents. You will also receive an additional reward at the center of the labyrinth, no matter how many presents you have retrieved.

Each group is also divided into member and non-member items. If you are not a member, you are not able to receive the member items. Let’s take a look at the different rewards you can get for completing the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure.

75 Presents

Non-member Items
Member Items

150 Presents

Non-member Items
Member Items

250 Presents

Non-member Items
Member Items

350 Presents

Non-member Items
Member Items

Labyrinth Center Treasure Chest

Non-member Items
Member Items


Keep in mind that the Jamaaliday Rescue adventure is seasonal, and is only available during the Jamaalidays event. You can currently find it in the “Parties” screen!

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