Juno’s Sacrifice + Dash Tag + More News!

Greetings, fellow Jammers! Today, we are going to take a closer look at this week’s Jamaa Journal. As usual, the Jamaa Journal is full of exciting new updates for all of us. The summer is coming to an end, and that means that schools are about to open their doors! Let’s take a look at the first entry in the Jamaa Journal, the Juno the Ancient Hero announcement. It lets us know that we will probably see another legendary animal in the Animal Jam world.

AJHQ does a fine job of adding new animals and content to Animal Jam. Lately, they have also been releasing different apps. The next entry in the Jamaa Journal is for Dash Tag, a cute little game for Android and iOS. In Dash Tag, you need to race through obstacles, using one of the 100 rare pets that is available to you. You can even take a selfie of your pet, and share it with all of your friends! Download Dash Tag for free on Android here, and iOS here.

As I have mentioned above, the new school year is about to start, or has already started for most of you. You will meet new people in class, but you will also be able to meet new Animal Jam buddies! If you are interested in abstract art, you are in luck! There will be new Abstract Den Items coming soon to Animal Jam.

A new, and interesting location has been added to Jamaa. We all know that the mountains are the home for many different and interesting animals! You can now visit the Conservation Museum, which has the Wild Peaks exhibit, to learn more about mountain animals! Another thing of note in this Jamaa Journal entry is that you can sometimes get double the amount of Gems! You simply have to look around for the X2 Gems sign with balloons!

It is National Honeybee Day on August 18th of 2018. You can celebrate it in Jamaa by buying different honeybee items, as well as learn new things about honeybees by checking out Fun Facts. You can even adopt an adorable Honeybee for yourself. That is awesome!

Juno is the hero that Jamaa needed at the time. He helped put away Balloosh, in order to keep the world of Jamaa safe! If you are interested in the letters that Juno left behind, go to the Temple of the Ancients to read them. New and ancient items are being uncovered!

Lastly, the Autumn Coyote has finally been released into the Animal Jam world. It features the autumn colors, and has leaves on its fur. The Autumn Coyote also has a trail of leaves following it around, wherever it walks. You can buy the Autumn Coyote for 10 Diamonds, in the Diamond Shop. Keep in mind that the Autumn Coyote is a members-only animal.

In conclusion, the new school year has started for most of you. Animal Jam has some exciting updates coming, so keep an eye on Animaljamworld to stay up to date!

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