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Jamaa consists of several different areas, most of which have different biomes. One of those areas with a unique biome is called the Kimbara Outback. This area is based on the Australian Outback. The area looks rather barren, as most desert areas are, but you will also find a couple of trees here and there, a few shops scattered around, a river and even a nice little waterfall.

Kimbara Outback is one of the newest areas that was implemented into Animal Jam. It was first released on July 26, 2013, on the day that the Koalas returned to the game as well. A few years later, on November 16, 2016, Kimbara Outback was also added to Play Wild as a playable area.


As mentioned above, there are a few shops scattered around Kimbara Outback. Gabby’s Animal Hospital is one of those attractions. Its appearance makes it look like a place where animals can be brought to be brought back to health. Besides being the main attraction, there is also a shop inside where you can buy some clothing items, which fit very well with the theme of the center.


You will find a total of three different shops in Kimbara Outback. In these three shops, you will be able to buy clothing items, den items and even a very special shop where you can buy cakes.

Medical Center Shop

The Medical Center Shop is located within Gabby’s Animal Hospital. This shop sells different kinds of medical-themed clothing items. If you want to look like a doctor or a nurse, your best bet is to go to this shop and see what they have to offer.

Outback Imports

If you are rather looking for items that fit with the overall Australia theme of Kimbara Outback, you should definitely visit Outback Imports. In this shop, you can buy den items that are related to the Australian outback. This way, you can turn your own den into a desert-like place. If you are looking for more unique items, Outback Imports also sells seasonal items.

Cake Shop

There used to be a third shop in Kimbara Outback, simply called Cake Shop. In this shop, you could buy only one item, which was the Kimbara Outback Waterfall Cake. Unfortunately, the shop has since been removed, and it is not yet clear if it will ever make a comeback to the area.


Some areas in Jamaa have their own unique games. Unfortunately, there are no games to be found in this area. Perhaps the developers will add one in the near future.


An interesting fact is that this area is called Kimbara on the Jamaa world map, and not Kimbara Outback. Even though it was released almost five years ago, it is still the second newest area that was added to Animal Jam. This shows you that it does take a long time for AJHQ to add any new areas to the game.

Kimbara Outback release in Jamaa Journal

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