Limited Edition Animal Jam Apparel On Sale Now!

The holidays are a time of family, togetherness and gifting, is rapidly approaching us! If you are a Jammer, and you would like to purchase new clothing for yourself, or your family and friends, this is your moment! AJHQ has just released a new collection of Animal Jam apparel. However, this collection is available for a limited time, so if you are interested, you will need to be quick!

Today, we are going to take a look at the limited edition Animal Jam apparel items. There are a total of four items; the regular t-shirt, the slouchy tee, the tank top and the hoodie. Naturally, these items come with different designs on them, different colors and different art. Let’s take a look at the different limited edition animal jam apparel items, and what you can expect to get!

Animal Jam Limited Edition T-shirts

As stated above, there are two different kinds of t-shirts available; the regular t-shirt, and the slouchy tee. The regular t-shirts are sold for $20, while the slouchy tees are sold for $25.

The t-shirts and slouchy tees come in the following designs: Rainbow Fox, Rainbow Snow Leopard, Rainbow Wolf, Starry Sky Fox, Starry Sky Snow Leopard and Starry Sky Wolf.

Animal Jam Limited Edition Tank Tops

The next apparel item in the Limited Edition collection is the tank top. The tank top also comes in the Rainbow Fox, Rainbow Snow Leopard, Rainbow Wolf, Starry Sky Fox, Starry Sky Snow Leopard and Starry Sky Wolf designs. They cost $20, just like the regular t-shirts.

Animal Jam Limited Edition Hoodies

Lastly, the Limited Edition collection also has hoodies. Just like the regular t-shirts, slouchy tees and tank tops, they come in the same six designs. The hoodies are the most expensive in the collection, costing $40 each. However, if you want to be prepared for the cold winter days, the hoodie is the perfect apparel item for you!

Animal Jam Box Discounts

If you are already an Animal Jam Box subscriber, or you were thinking about getting a subscription. I have some good news for you! AJHQ has stated that Jammers that have an AJ Box subscription will get a discount on the Limited Edition Animal Jam Apparel collection.

The discount will be a whopping 30 percent. This drops the prices down to the following:

  • Regular t-shirts: from $20 to $14
  • Slouchy tees: from $25 to 17.50
  • Tank tops: from $20 to $14
  • Hoodies: from $40 to $28

Make sure to check out the Animal Jam Box website to see the different apparel items!

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