Lion’s Mane – Rare AJ Promo Item

Some of the clothing items in Animal Jam are meant to make your animal look like a completely different animal. The Lion’s Mane is one of those items. It will allow your animal to look like an amazing lion. Today, we are going to take a closer look at what the Lion’s Mane is all about!

The Lion’s Mane was released in May 2016. Jammers that adopted at least five different animals from the Adopt A Pet Checklist would receive the Lion’s Mane as a promotional gift. The Adopt A Pet Checklist is part of the Jazwares Toys promo.

Lion’s Mane Appearance

The Lion’s Mane looks exactly like you would expect. It is a thick, brown, mane, which has a big hole in the center of it. The hole is where your animal’s head will appear out of. Currently, there is only one variant available, even if some websites claim that there are multiple different ones.

How to Get the Lion’s Mane in Animal Jam

You can use one of two ways to obtain the Lion’s Mane. You can either trade for it, or you can adopt five different animals from the Adopt A Pet Checklist. Here are your options explained;

AJ Adopt a Pet Checklist

If you are still able to obtain, and adopt, five different animals from the Adopt A Pet Checklist, you will get the Lion’s Mane as a gift. However, this means that you need to spend real money on Jazwares Toys, which is something that not everyone is willing to do.


Trading is an essential part of Animal Jam. It is your best bet to obtain the Lion’s Mane. It is very important to remember that the Lion’s Mane is a rare item, so you will need to offer rare items of your own to increase your chances of a successful trade. In order to find traders in AJ, simply go to  crowded locations within the game, such as the Jamaa Township, and Diamond Shop.

Lion’s Mane Codes

Unfortunately, there are currently no codes available for the Lion’s Mane. Occasionally, AJHQ releases codes that you can redeem in Animal Jam. Those codes usually reward you with small amounts of in-game currencies, or a promo gift for special occasions, such as the AJ birthday.

If you really want to own the Lion’s Mane, your best bet would be to find a Jammer that already owns it, and ask if that person is willing to trade theirs with you. If you know of any AJ codes, let us know in the comment section below!

  1. hiiii! I would like to offer for it if thats ok im gabberdoodle20

  2. Hi i have a lions mane jag if want to trade for it my user is imabaybe4 jag if deal.

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