Mira Says Cheats for Animal Jam


Mira Says is an Animal Jam game found in the Lost Temple of Zios inside the Chamber of Knowledge.  Mira Says is a memory game, very similar to the classic Simon Says game.  The objective of this game is to remember and repeat the pattern of colors that Mira says.


Once you get a long enough pattern going, it becomes difficult to remember the correct order.  Use the cheats and hints below to help you get further in the game.

Cheats & Hints

Pay attention to the sounds because they can help you remember better than just the colors.

If you want to cheat, you can write down the sequence of colors to remember them.

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  2. i finished and when i completed all 32 stages the prize thing opened and it said #9142 or something

  3. That’s what I do good cheat

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