Neon Skeleton Armor Set in AJPW

On October 22, 2018, AJHQ released a teaser video, showing off a new armor set. This armor set is very fitting with the Night of the Phantoms Halloween event. If you want to look like a spooky skeleton, the Neon Skeleton Armor Set is just what you are looking for.

The armor set was officially released on October 24, 2018. It is for sale at the Sapphire Shop, for a total of 50 Sapphires. The set has a total of 5 pieces, the Neon Skeleton Mask, Neon Skeleton Amulet, Neon Skeleton Armor, Neon Skeleton Gauntlets and Neon Skeleton Tail.

Play Wild Neon Skeleton Armor Set Pictures

I have taken some pictures to show all of you what the individual pieces of the armor set look like. I have also bought all of the pieces to show you guys what it looks like when the armor is worn by an animal. When worn, you definitely attract some attention with the neon colors.

How to Get the Neon Skeleton Armor Set in AJPW

There are currently a couple of ways to obtain the Neon Skeleton Armor Set.

Sapphire Shop

The Neon Skeleton Armor Set is currently for sale at the Sapphire Shop. You need a total of 50 Sapphires to buy all pieces of the set. However, if you don’t have the required amount, you can always buy the pieces you can afford, and come back later to buy the rest. It is not yet clear for how long the armor set will be sold, but my guess would be until Halloween.


If you don’t have the required amount of Sapphires to buy the whole set, you could always try to trade with other Jammers. In total, the armor set costs 50 Sapphires, so you will have to offer some things of equal value. It is easy to find traders at crowded places in the game. You will find many of them at the Jamaa Township, or even in the Sapphire Shop.

Neon Skeleton Armor Set Codes

The Neon Skeleton Armor Set is only recently released, so you shouldn’t expect there to be any codes available. However, there are always people that try their chances. I’ve checked if there were any codes for the armor set, but there are none. If you really want to get one of these sets for  yourself, you either need to buy it at the Sapphire Shop, or trade for it with other Jammers.

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