New Animal Coming Soon – Dragons?!

This week we’ve got another update from the Jamaa Journal.  It’s been a little while since I’ve done one of these updates so I’m going to catch up on some of the older news too!

But first let’s start with the latest news for March 2018.  The biggest news this week is right on the front of the Jamaa Journal – there’s another new animal coming soon!  Inside the Temple of the Ancients one of the stones has collapsed to reveal a carving of this animal…

I went over to the temple to see for myself and here’s the first thing I thought – DRAGONS!  Now go along with me here, doesn’t the rock formation look like a dragon?!  The clue says the animal hasn’t been here for “many many years” and dragons (even though they aren’t real) are usually thought to have been in the past.  Take a look for yourself and tell me what you think!

Those of you ocean animal lovers are in for a surprise, pet octopuses have arrived!  You can get your very own pet octopus from the Diamond Shop or from Flippers N’ Fins in Crystal Reef.

Ocean lovers are in for another treat – Ocean mannequins are here too!  Now you can have your ocean clothing and items on display in your den with your favorite ocean animal mannequins.

And yet another ocean addition is here.  More ocean themed den items are available for purchase!  Even in the cold of winter you can decorate your den like a tropical ocean paradise.

There’s all kinds of new items and things to see around Jamaa to celebrate Lucky Day.  But be sure to enjoy it while it lasts because Lucky Day festivities won’t be around for much longer!

AJHQ has been on a roll lately with new Animal Jam toys.  There have never been so many ways to take Animal Jam with you wherever you go!  The newest toy addition are Chibi Block animal characters.  These little statues are like Legos but with your favorite animals!

Now onto some older news that I’m catching up on.  If you haven’t seen them yet, Polar Arctic Foxes have arrived in Jamaa!  These rare arctic foxes have a special snowflake pattern on them and leave a trail of snowflakes wherever they walk.  I’ll be doing a post on them soon so check back!

I mentioned the Temple of the Ancients earlier in this update but for those of you who haven’t been there yet, here’s some info about it.  The Temple of the Ancients is located in the new land area – Balloosh.  There are some ancient statues inside and some ancient carvings with information on them.  Go check it out for yourself!

To celebrate Lucky Day the lucky castle has returned to the Diamond Shop.  If you’ve been unlucky lately this might be a good way to increase your luck!  There’s also the Lucky Clovers adventure where you can earn lucky clovers and use them to open treasure chests.  What will you find inside?!

Dash Tag is now available for both Android and iOS devices.  We covered this game when it was in BETA for Android but now it’s officially released.  It’s free to download so I highly recommend getting it!  I’ll be doing some more updates on Dash Tag as I get further in the game.

There’s a new set of Ancient Armor available for sale at the Temple of the Ancients.  It’s pretty cool looking and I’ll be doing a post about it as soon as I buy the set!  There’s also new clydesdale, cougar, deer and cheetah mannequins that you can put in your den.

Call of the Alphas has been updated to include the 3rd section of the Journey Book page.  And with the new section comes a new prize.  Head over to our Call of the Alphas guide page to see where to find all of the items!

In case you didn’t know, there’s a whole series of Animal Jam chapter books that you can buy!  They just released the fourth book in the series.  If you love Animal Jam and you enjoy reading then you should definitely read these!

This is probably old news at this point but in February a new land area called Balloosh was added to the map.  This swampy wetlands area has a new Journey Book page and a whole new set of mysteries that come with it.  You can find Balloosh at the top left corner of your world map.

Remember that strange stone that appeared at the Alpha Headquarters?  Well now it has disappeared!  There’s a new adventure in the Forgotten Archive called the River’s Heart.  This adventure will lead you to a new discovery, what will it be?

That’s all of the news I had to catch up on.  Check back soon for more new Animal Jam updates!

  1. Me thinks itsa platypus, or a dragon…

  2. Omg wow! I’m a YouTuber of Animal Jam Play Wild and I can’t wait to show the new dragons on my video!

  3. THANK YOU!!! no one else thinks its dragons so now i feel apreciated

  4. For the New animal, I am hoping that if it ends up being a Saber-Tooth Tiger, it will be a nonmember animal. I feel as though nonmembers deserve to have new animals as well. My second idea would thinking it’d be something in the Canine family.

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