New Animal Jam Adventure – Meet Cosmo

As many of you know, Animal Jam recently released the Kimbara Outback area.  Cosmo the alpha koala set out to discover the new area a while back and finally made it home a couple weeks ago.

Well today they just announced the opening of a new Animal Jam adventure called Meet Cosmo!  Apparently some of the koalas have gone missing and you have to help Cosmo find them.  In this adventure you also have to help chase the phantoms out of Jamaa.

Currently, the adventure is still in beta mode and is for members only.  Hopefully this means that the Phantom Portal adventure will be available for everyone soon.  If you are a member, be sure to check out this new Meet Cosmo adventure at the Base Camp!


They have also rearranged the Adventure Base Camp to make things easier to find.  It’s a lot simpler to find your way around there now.  Go check out the new Base Camp layout and see for yourself!

You’ll notice a few areas that you can’t access yet around the Adventures Base Camp.  These are reserved for the new adventures that are still being made.  It looks like there will be at least 3 more adventures coming soon so keep checking back.


Finally, as summer is coming to an end, it’s time to clear out the Summer Carnival goods.  They’re having a sale on all carnival prizes, half off everything!

Stock up on carnival prizes while you still can, soon they will be gone until next summer.  The Summer Carnival usually ends some time in September so there are only a couple weeks left to play.


I’m planning on getting a membership very soon so I can make guides for all of the members-only games and adventures.  Check back for the latest Animal Jam updates right here at!  Keep Jammin!


  1. ikr, plus, It’s so AWSOME! 😉

  2. Hey! Did u know? Meet Cosmo advventure is now for EVERYONE, TRUST ME! XD

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