NEW Penguin Code for Animal Jam & Play Wild – October 2018!

Hey Jammers! I’ve got some very exciting news today! There is a brand new code for both Animal Jam and AJPW. But this isn’t just any old gem code or even a special item code – it’s better.

This new code was first seen on October 5th 2018 so it is very recent. You’re probably wondering why this code is so special? Well it unlocks a pet AND an animal! And for AJPW users it also unlocks a new den.

At this point I’m sure you’re wondering what is the new code??  So without any further waiting, here it is! You can scroll down further or watch the video to see everything that the code unlocks.

Penguin Code for AJ & AJPW – Proof Video

The video above shows the new promo code in action. See all of the animals and items it unlocks!

New code – penguins

Be sure to check out our main codes pages for a full updated list of working codes for Play Wild and AJ.

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Animal Jam Penguin Code

Jammers can enter the code penguins in Animal Jam to unlock a great prize! This can either be done on the log-in screen or in the settings menu while you’re playing. Our main codes page has the full instructions for entering codes.

When you redeem this promo code in Animal Jam you’ll get two things. The first is a penguin! That’s right, penguins have been traveling for a long time but this is your chance to get one for free with a code!

You will a confirmation screen telling you the penguin has been added to your inventory.

But that’s not all! You’ve also unlocked a new pet.

And of course the free promo pet is a penguin! You can customize your penguin pet to look however you’d like.

Just when you thought it couldn’t get any better – Play Wild players are in for a surprise too!

Play Wild Penguin Promo Code

So if you’ve already entered the code in your Animal Jam account, you don’t need to do anything. Just log in to Play Wild and you’ll receive your free prizes! If you haven’t entered the code yet, you can enter it in the settings menu while playing AJPW.

Enter the code penguins to unlock these awesome promo prizes. The first thing you’ll receive is a pet rockhopper penguin! How adorable are they?!

With all of these free penguins you’re getting, you’ll need a place for them to live. The next item this code unlocks is the Igloo Peak den!

And last but not least, a penguin to play as!

Now you can explore Jamaa in both Animal Jam and AJPW while playing as a penguin with your penguin pet to accompany you. This is one of the best new codes I’ve seen in a long time!

What do you think?! Are you glad that penguins have returned? What other animals would you want to get codes for?

  1. this is so sad…well, for me. the code doesn’t work anymore i think, because when i tried, it didn’t work.

    i’m so sad right now, i was hoping to get the pet penguin because i only play animal jam because of the cute little pets.
    please tell me there are gonna be more free pet codes.

    p-s, i got the pet penguin by trade but still, i was hoping that i could create it myself.
    for those who want pet kangaroos, i can give theme to you for free. just type my name(Nasrine) and there you go.

  2. Wow this code is amazing! I did not really want a penguin but I wanted a sapphire animal. And I love being a penguin now! I also love the pet and the den. Even though I couldn’t change the look of my pet.

  3. hi aj pls i love aj o play aj everyday and its the best when i found out there was a code for a penguin it maid my day plaus i don’t have much stuff i have several accounts my three main accounts are /puenguinlover8/skygenner/btsisthebest/ and those are my fave accounts im still trying to get good things on my skygenner account and my btsisthebest account but my puenguinlover8 account was my very first account i came accros a jammer who was leaving aj and she was giving away free stuff and i got a lot of stuff she realy helped me out and so u know who that person is
    her name here /twowhitefeet/that;s her user name

  4. animal jam……. thats the 2D

  5. You guys need more codes good ones!!! Like more animals!

  6. They’ve the same dilemmas as you plus some of them have already been at the game
    lengthier and so get suggestions to talk about.

  7. I think this is great so keep on jamming and plz make more packs like this.

  8. i love it sooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo much but i already have a peangun

  9. I Have 3D animal jam what is the name of the 2D game Please tel it me

  10. I used the penguins code and it made my day. Please, make more codes like this with other animals,that would be great.:D

  11. i got this code to work and im so happy, they should make more codes like this, that way jammers that dont have much money can enjoy the game. Jam on!

  12. I did not get a house with it.

  13. I used this Code and it was outstanding! It worked for me, too. I love this because I feel like an animal jam pro. I love this website! It helps me with so much and it just makes my animal jam gameplay so much better. Although I wish that there were more good bundle codes like this penguin one. This is my very first sapphire animal and first pet. Along with first den. 10/10 from me! Please PLEASE Make more come bundle blogs like this. Because I am trying to work my way into being a professional and famous animal jam player. Thank you so much for making this website!

    Animal jam username: artypaws12345

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