New Year’s Fortune Adventure Guide & Tips

At the end of each year, we celebrate the end of that particular year, and welcome the new year. This is called the New Year’s celebration. China has had their own New Year’s celebration for a long time, and that is very interesting! The New Year’s Fortune Adventure in Animal Jam is based off of the Chinese New Year.

Today, we are going to guide you through the New Year’s Fortune Adventure, and tell you how you can easily obtain different kinds of rewards!

New Year’s Fortune Adventure Guide – Tips & Cheats

In order to start the New Year’s Fortune Adventure, you will have to go to your Parties menu, and select the adventure. Clicking the adventure button will take you to a different place.

You will get greeted by Liza. She welcomes you to the Chinese New Year celebration, and tells you that it is the Year of the Pig.

She continues by telling you that during Chinese New Year, friends and families give each other Red Envelopes. There is money inside of those envelopes.

The New Year’s Fortune Adventure consists of a large map. Every few minutes, a Red Envelope with an item or Gems is placed somewhere on that map. Your goal is to find the Red Envelope before the timer runs out. You get to keep the items you find within those Red Envelopes.

In order to help you find the Red Envelopes, there is a Luck Dragon in the top left corner of your screen. When that dragon is blue, it means you are far away from the envelope. It will turn green when you are closer, and goes red when you are really close to finding the envelope.

The challenging part about this adventure is that each envelope only remains in one location for a few minutes. If you do not manage to find the envelope, it will get removed, and a new one will spawn in another random location.

There is no end to the New Year’s Fortune Adventure. You can keep playing and keep finding Red Envelopes until you feel like you no longer want to.

New Year’s Fortune Adventure Rewards

Since the New Year’s Fortune Adventure is based off of the Chinese New Year, it is only natural that the rewards that you can obtain from this adventure are all Asian themed. There are a few different categories of rewards that you can obtain, and each category is divided into member items and non-member items. Let’s take a look at the different New Year’s Fortune rewards.

Year of the Rooster 2017 Rewards

Non-Member Items

Member Items

Year of the Dog 2018 Rewards

Non-Member Items

Member Items

Year of the Pig 2019 Rewards

Non-Member Items

Member Items

Pagoda-Themed Rewards

The Pagoda-Themed Rewards are in a separate category. Pagoda is actually Buddhist or Hindu temple, so the rewards are themed after such temples. These rewards also consists of member and non-member items. You can see what the items look like in the pictures below.

Non-Member Items

Member Items

Other Rewards

Lastly, there is also a small list of member and non-member items that do not belong in any of the lists mentioned above. Even though these items don’t have a particular theme, they match perfectly well with the previously mentioned rewards.

Non-Member Items

Member Items

Lastly, you will also receive Gems as a reward. Gems will be found in Red Envelopes, as well as random places around the map. You can see the Gems as an extra reward on top of the regular rewards that you will receive for completing this adventure.

New Year’s Fortune Adventure Cheats and Tips

The first thing to remember while you are doing the New Year’s Fortune Adventure is that there is no set timer. You can stay within the adventure as long as you want to. You do have to hurry to find the Red Envelopes, as they keep changing locations every few minutes, but that doesn’t mean you need to stress about it. Just try to enjoy and have fun with your buddies.

The Luck Dragon is a very important part of this adventure. You should definitely keep an eye on it, as it keeps changing colors when run around on the map. Red means that you are very close to a Red Envelope, and that you should look around in the immediate vicinity.

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