Otters Are Here!

This week’s edition of the Jamaa Journal just came out and it’s official, Otters are here!  Unfortunately for non-members, the Otter is only available at the Diamond Shop for 10 Diamonds.  This doesn’t come as much of a surprise because almost every new animal they release is at the Diamond Shop :/


Otters can explore both land and ocean areas in Jamaa which is pretty cool!  To celebrate the Otters arrival to Animal Jam, there is a new exhibit at the Conservation Museum and a new minibook at the Chamber of Knowledge.  If you aren’t a member or you dont have 10 Diamonds saved up, check out the Otter Codes Page to find other ways to get an otter!


If you’re looking to deck out your den with some new items, head on over to the Sol Arcade because every arcade machine is 50% off for the next TWO weeks!!  Perfect time to get some new entertainment for your den.  Also if you’ve already beaten Turning the Tide on Normal mode, try playing it on Hard Mode to unlock the rare Lionfish Armor!


If you haven’t played Turning the Tide yet, I highly recommend you should!  This week’s Alpha Spotlight is on Tavie the dolphin.  You’ll have to rescue her in the Turning the Tide adventure!


  1. The o.t.t.e.r.s are ADORABLE!!! Did any of you guys know that the o.t.t.e.r.s are rlly aliens to distract us with their cuteness, then eat us?

  2. guys i a nm i wanted otter but now i want an arctic and a 12 month membership

  3. is there a code for otters I only have six diamonds

  4. wish there was a code for otters so then i could tell my friend or at least they should put a member animal on non member i mean like they just took pandas away its like to me ” hey lets go take away some pandas and get them members some new animals like eagles and otters and leave the non members sad.” and that they didnt think that non members would quit as far as i know at least 20-30 animals have quit!!!

  5. I love all the new updates! I cant wait to go on aj on Friday!!

  6. Scratch everything

  7. LOL 1st comment! Tavie = Awesome otter= awesome 10 diamonds=bummer 🙁 I’m not even a member my user its VioletBluebells new jammer thank you and good day!

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