Animal Jam Party Supplies

Animal Jam is one of the fastest growing only children’s game. The game has well over a 180
million registered players, so it is only natural that there is a demand for real-life Animal Jam
products. If you are a Jammer, and your birthday is coming up soon, you can now buy some
pretty cool Animal Jam Party Supplies to make your birthday more exciting!

Animal Jam Party Supplies are pretty much what the name suggests; party hats, cups, dishes
and more! All of them have one thing in common, they are all Animal Jam themed. The party
supplies were announced on February 18 th of this year. We are going to take a look at all the
different Animal Jam Party Supplies that are currently for sale.

Animal Jam Plates, Cups and Napkins

There are two different Animal Jam plates for sale. The first one is the Animal Jam Dessert
Plate and the second one is the Animal Jam Dinner Plate. Both plates feature some awesome
Animal Jam artwork. Do you recognize any of the animals on the plates? Leave a comment in
the comment section below and tell us! The first one is the Animal Jam Dinner Plate and the
second one is the Animal Jam Dessert Plate.


Besides the plates, there are also two sets of Animal Jam cups for sale. The first Animal Jam
cup is made out of paper, and features a beach with different animals drawn on it. The cup
artwork looks cool and is well-suited for a Jammer’s party! The second Animal Jam cup is a
plastic one, and features a river, an alligator wearing sunglasses and more! The paper cups
come in quantities of 8, while the plastic one comes as a single cup. This means that you will
have to buy more of the plastic cups if you want to accommodate all of your guests.


After plates and cups, you are also going to need napkins. Accidents happen at birthday
parties, and what better way to keep the place tidy than to use napkins. Just like the plates
and the cups, there are also two sets of Animal Jam napkins available. The first set is called
Animal Jam Luncheon Napkins, and the second set is called Animal Jam Beverage Napkins.
You can see what both sets of napkins look like below.


Animal Jam Plastic Tablecover

As I have mentioned before, accidents tend to happen on birthday parties. Dropped food or
spilled beverages is not out of the ordinary, especially if there are a lot of guests. Luckily, it is
possible to keep the table from getting dirty by using the Animal Jam Plastic Tablecover.

A great thing about plastic tablecovers is that they are very easy to clean up. If a guest spills
their drink on the table, all you have to do is give it a quick wipe. The Animal Jam Plastic
Tablecover works well together with the Animal Jam Plates, Cups and Napkins.

Animal Jam Invitations

Before the party can get started, you will first have to invite all of your Jammer friends! What
better way to do so than to invite them using the Animal Jam Invites. You will immediately
let your friends know that it will be a Jammers party, featuring Animal Jam!

Animal Jam Party Hats and Party Blowers

To get everyone in the partying mood, you are going to need to flair things up. Start with the
Animal Jam Party Hat, wear it yourself and give one to each of your guests to wear. After the
hats, give them an Animal Jam Party Blower and start making some noise!


Animal Jam Large Banner and Balloons

Before your Jammer party guests arrive, you are going to want to flair the place up! Using
the Animal Jam Large Banner, and adding a whole bunch of Animal Jam Balloons surely will
do the trick. Make sure that you have enough balloons to keep the birthday vibe going.


Animal Jam Sticker Sheets and Goodie Bags

At the end of the party, you are going to want to give your guests a gift as a reminder of your
awesome Jammer party. Take an Animal Jam Good Bag, fill it up with Animal Jam goodies,
such as the Animal Jam Sticker sheet, and make sure to give one to each of your guests!


Where to Buy Animal Jam Party Supplies

All of the Animal Jam Party Supplies are for sale in Walmart online store. The Animal Jam
Party Supplies usually come with free shipping if you order over a certain amount. There are
a number of other online stores that seem to be selling Animal Jam Party Supplies as well. If
you take a look on Amazon, you will easily find some Animal Jam Party Supplies on there.

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