Pet Crow – Animal Jam Pet Guide

Some of the pets in Animal Jam are only made available during special events. The Pet Crow is an example of such an animal. It was released during the Eggstravaganza event, on October 26, 2017. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Pet Crow, and see what it can do!

Pet Crow Actions & Special Abilities

First of all, let’s take a look at what the actions and special abilities of the Pet Crow look like. When you click on the Pet Crow, it will flutter its wings and fly down to the ground. It will throw up its feet, flutter around and fly back up.

The sit action makes the pet stand on its two legs.

The dance action makes the pet float around, going to the ground and hopping where it lands. It also does a backflip, switches stands and repeats this action.

The sleep action makes the pet lay down on the ground. Animated Z’s appear above its head.

The play action makes a puddle of water appear, in which the pet hops up and down.

Lastly, the hop action makes the pet jump up and down while flapping its wings.

How to Get a Pet Crow in Animal Jam

There are two known methods to obtain the Pet Crow in Animal Jam. Firstly, you could wait for the Eggstravaganza event to start, purchase an egg and hope for it to hatch into a Pet Crow. You can also attempt to trade for a Pet Crow.


As mentioned above, the Pet Crow was originally released as a pet that hatched from an egg during the Eggstravaganza event of 2017. The pets that appear during an Eggstravaganza event usually keep returning in later years. There is usually one of these events each year, so if you’re patient enough, you could wait for it and attempt to hatch a Pet Crow from one of the eggs.


If you are not willing to wait for the Eggstravaganza event, you could also attempt to trade for the Pet Crow. Firstly, you will need to find a Jammer that owns the Pet Crow. Secondly, you will have to ask if they are willing to trade with you. Finally, you will have to offer valuable items of your own, in order to make the trade fair, and not get scammed while attempting to do so.

AJ Pet Crow Codes

There are currently no working codes for the Pet Crow. If you have to have the Pet Crow right away, you will need to trade for one with another Jammer. If you are able to wait for the next Eggstravaganza event, you might be able to hatch one from an egg.

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