Pet Golden Pony – Rare AJ Pet Code

If you like horses, and you enjoy showing off your wealth in the game, the Pet Golden Pony is just the pet for you! This pet has an incredible shine to it, and is definitely capable of attracting a lot of attention towards you.

The Pet Golden Pony was first released in August 2017. It can only be obtained by redeeming a code that comes with the Safari Pets Multipack Jazwares Toys. This makes the pet extremely rare, simply due to the fact that the toy set costs a pretty penny. Let’s take a look at what the Pet Golden Pony is all about.

Pet Golden Pony Actions & Special Abilities

Let’s take a look at the Pet Golden Pony’s special abilities and actions.

The sit action makes it sit down, and its head will wobble slightly, as if it is catching a breath.

The play action makes it stand on one spot, while kicking its feet back and forth.

The dance action makes the Pet Golden Pony do flips, and hop around in a fast pace.

The sleep action makes it lay down and close its eyes. However, its head will still have some movement, going up and down, and Z’s will appear.

The hop action makes it jump up high, and go back down as if it is about to belly flop in a pool. It repeats this until you move the pet around.

How to Get a Pet Golden Pony in Animal Jam

There are currently two ways to obtain the Pet Golden Pony. You can either try to find a player that is willing to trade you theirs, or you need to buy the Safari Pets Multipack and redeem the code on Animal Jam. The current pricing for the toy set starts at $24,95.


Although it might be impossible, you could always try to find another Animal Jam player that owns the Pet Golden Pony, and attempt to trade for it. If that player is willing to trade you their pet, you will require to offer a valuable item/pet in return.

Pet Golden Pony Codes for AJ

Since the only way to obtain the Pet Golden Pony is by redeeming a code that comes with the Safari Pets Multipack, many websites will advertise that they have a working code for this pet. However, don’t get fooled by them. There are no free codes available for this pet. If you really want to adopt one for yourself, you either need to go and buy the toy set, or you need to find a Jammer that is willing to trade theirs with you.

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  2. This is not impossible to find, very common found in rich members or people with lots of pets

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