Pet Phantoms

Even though Halloween is still a couple weeks out, you can already see the theme pop up here and there. Obviously, you would want to fit in with the theme, and make sure that your animal is wearing its Halloween outfit! Besides an outfit, there is a pet that fits perfectly with the entire theme; the Pet Phantom. Have you already seen this spooky little pet?

The Pet Phantom is not a new pet. It was first released on September 29, 2016, specifically for the Night of the Phantoms event. It returned again on September 28, 2017, but left the shops within a few days. Once more it got released before Halloween, on October 26, 2017, and remained available until the Night of the Phantoms event.

Pet Phantoms Actions & Special Abilities

Just like any other pet in Animal Jam, the Pet Phantom also has a set of actions and special abilities. We are going to take a look at those, and see what they look like in the game.

The Pet Phantoms become available during the Night of the Phantoms event, which is the Halloween event in AJ. You will usually find the pet a week or two before the event starts, and it remains available until the event ends. The Pet Phantom was also sold in the Diamond Shop, and costs 3 Diamonds. Perhaps we will see the pet return to the Diamond Shop.

The Sit action will make your pet sit down, and it will fold its center legs together.

The Play action is very interesting. Your pet will start rolling around in a puddle of purple goo and will sometimes throw some up in the air. It almost looks like a dog that splashes around in a puddle of water, and it definitely shows its excitement.

The Dance action makes your pet jump around on one of its legs. It will basically jump from one spot to the other, shaking its tiny arms while doing so.

The Sleep action makes your pet close its eyes and curl up in a little ball.

Lastly, the Hop action makes your pet spread its legs and bounce up and down on one spot.

How to Get Pet Phantoms

Since it’s not Halloween yet, the Pet Phantoms are not yet released into the shops. Here is how you can still obtain them in Animal Jam.


Unlike animals, pets are tradable in the game. Just like other kinds of items, you can find a Jammer that is willing to trade their Pet Phantom for one of your pets. Look for Jammers in crowded places, such as the Jamaa Township and Diamond Shop.

Pet Phantoms Codes

There are currently no codes available for this pet. If you do know of any useful pet codes, leave a comment down below!

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