Animal Jam Pet Squirrel Codes

If you are looking to adopt a pet that is both cute and a very good tree climber, look no further. The Pet Squirrel is both of those things. It was first released into the game in June of 2016, and is obtainable by redeeming a code that comes with an Adopt A Pet Jazwares Toy.

The Pet Squirrel has a large, round head, black eyes and a curved-up tail. You can alter its ears and tail to your own liking. Its head is the largest part of the pet itself.

Pet Squirrel Actions & Special Abilities

I wanted to see what the Pet Squirrel could do in the game. Like all other pets, it has its own actions and special abilities. When you tell it to sit, it will sit down on its behind and have an upright appearance.

The play action makes it throw a ball up into the air, and catch it when it falls back down.

The dance action makes it stand up on its hind legs and swirl around where it is standing.

When you tell it to sleep, it will lie down on its belly and close its eyes. Above its head, you will see several Z’s animated.

Lastly, the hop action makes it hop into the air and spread its legs while in the air.

How to Get a Pet Squirrel in Animal Jam

If you can get your hands on the Peacock toy from the Adopt A Pet Jazwares Toys collection, you will get a redeemable code with it. That code gives you the Pet Squirrel. However, the toy itself is extremely rare, and if you do end up finding one, it will cost you a lot.


As mentioned above, it is quite difficult to obtain the Pet Squirrel, simply due to the fact that the code is included with a toy that is very rare. If you don’t feel like searching for the toy, or don’t want to spend real money, you could always try to find traders that have the Pet Squirrel. Your best bet would be to go to crowded places within the game, or post on AJ trading forums.

AJ Pet Squirrel Codes

I should let you guys and girls know that you won’t be able to find any codes for the Pet Squirrel online. Any websites that claim they have free codes for this pet are scam websites. To get the code for the Pet Squirrel, you will need to buy a Peacock toy from the Adopt A Pet Jazwares Toys collection. There is a code that comes with that toy, which you can redeem in the game.


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