Pet Tarantulas in Animal Jam!

The Night of the Phantoms event has started in Animal Jam. That means that, wherever you go in the game, you will come across spooky Halloween themed areas. Since the event started, you can see that Jammers participate by dressing up in spooky clothing, and changing their den items to match the theme as well. However, to make the set complete, you might want to look into getting a matching pet. What other pet is spooky and cute enough than the Pet Tarantula?

The Pet Tarantula was first released as a Monthly Member Gift during October 2012. One year later, on October 2013, it was re-released in the Diamond Shop. Since then, the Pet Tarantula makes its comeback on a seasonal basis, returning during the Night of the Phantoms event.

Pet Tarantulas Actions & Special Abilities

Just like regular animals and other pets, the Pet Tarantula also has its own set of special abilities and actions. I have taken pictures to showcase what the tarantula can do, and what it looks like.

Firstly, when you tell it to sit, it will just sit down and face the way your animal is facing.

When you tell it to play, it will throw up a fly in the air, catch it and then repeat it continuously.

The Pet Tarantula’s dancing ability is pretty cool. It will shuffle up and down all four legs, then repeat by standing on its other four legs.

When you tell it to sleep, it will hunch down and close its eyes. You will see several Zs above its head, indicating that it is sleeping.

Lastly, hopping will make the Pet Tarantula jump up with all of its legs spread out, after which it lands back on all legs. It will repeat this until you tell it to stop.

The Pet Tarantula is a land animal. However, you can cross some water with it. It does a cool thing by shooting up a string of web and hanging down from it, while your animal crosses the water. Check out the picture below to see what that looks like.

How to Get Pet Tarantulas

There are several ways to get the Pet  Tarantula. Firstly, it is still available at the Diamond Shop. All you have to do is go there, click on the little basket and purchase the pet for 3 Diamonds.


Pets in Animal Jam can also be traded. If you rather trade for the Pet Tarantula, it is possible to find someone that is willing to trade theirs with you.

Pet Tarantulas Codes

There are currently no codes available for the Pet Tarantula. If I do end up finding codes for this pet, I will make sure to update this post!

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