Animal Jam Pets Guide

You can adopt pets in Animal Jam to keep you company on your journey.  There are lots of different pets to choose from but you must be a member to adopt a pet.

There are two ways you can adopt pets in Animal Jam.  One way is you can look for pet icons hidden around Jamaa.  The pet icons look like this:

peticon1 peticon2 peticon3

Another way to find pets is to visit the Claws n’ Paws adoption center in Appondale or Flippers n’ Fins in Crystal Reef.  Here you’ll be able to find a huge selection of pets.

When you find a pet to adopt, you can change its colors, eyes, and other features.  You can also change the pet’s name.  Pets cost 400 gems to adopt.

To keep track of your pets, just click on the “Change Your Look” area in the lower left corner.  Here you’ll find a tab that says “Pets”.


If you click this tab, you’ll be able to see your pet inventory.  Here you can select which pet you want to follow you.


You can also buy clothing items for your pets at the Pet Stop.

If you have too many pets and need to make space for new ones, you can set your pet free.  Click on the birdcage in the lower left corner then click on the pet that you want to set free.

  1. I’ve got a crow, and crocodile. JAG me to trade. @Roxy6627

  2. Can u give me a rare pet squirrel plz user cutepie249

  3. hi my user is hotcocoakitty i was wondering if you could give me more diamonds and a rare pet squrriel if not free membership thx

  4. I wish I could have a cat (black and yellow)

  5. Hello i would really like it if you could please give me pets cricket if not free membership please. also thank for the codes my user is Littledotjane15

  6. i really need a pet firefly my user is allad2i.

  7. i love animal jam

  8. can you give me a pet dog

  9. please give me a pet dog in animal jam

  10. ineed two 2 pet bee and 1 giraffe

  11. This is not fair that they got rid of the pet horses in animal jam I thought that they still had them but now its not fair that we do not have pet horses it drives me nuts!

  12. I really need a pet seal for my friend. I’m offering Pegasus wings (worth the same as a pet seal). My user is: brooklynthycookie.

  13. I need pet sugar glider!!!!

  14. can you give me a pet dog

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