Phantom Crown – AJ Promo Gift

The new 2018 Fall Box is being sent out, and within that box, you will find a whole bunch of AJ goodies. One of those goodies is a redeemable item, called the Phantom Crown. In order to get the Phantom Crown, you need to redeem the code that comes with the box. Today, we are going to take a look at what the Phantom Crown is all about!

AJ Phantom Crown Appearance

The Phantom Crown looks like a tall crown. It is yellow in color, but has purple details as well. In the center of the crown, there is a Phantom eye. The eye seems to be half open. On either side of the crown, you will find purple shapes. The circle of the crown itself is also purple.

How to Get a Phantom Crown in Animal Jam

There is currently not much information available about the Phantom Crown. However, there are a few ways you can obtain it. Firstly, you could purchase the 2018 Fall Box, and redeem the code that comes with that box. Secondly, you could trade the item with a Jammer that already owns it. Let’s take a closer look at how you can obtain the Phantom Crown.

2018 Fall Phantom Box

Animal Jam Boxes are subscription based boxes. In short, you subscribe to the box service, and get a special Animal Jam Box every three months, filled with AJ goodies. The 2018 Fall Box is one of such boxes. This particular box contains a code that you can redeem to get the Phantom Crown. No other box, or toy, comes with that particular redeemable code.


If you don’t feel like subscribing to the Animal Jam box service, you could always try to find a Jammer that already owns the Phantom Crown. However, it is very unlikely that they would be willing to trade their crown with you, unless you offer very valuable items in return.

Phantom Crown Codes

There are currently no free codes available for the Phantom Crown. The only way to obtain the item would be by redeeming the code that comes with the 2018 Fall Box, or by trading for it. If you know of any useful codes, let us know in the comment section below!

  1. if any one is willing to trade me either a yellow or pink long for my phantom crown i would be willing to accept my acc is starrystarzz

  2. can anyone tell me the code too im itsme852 in aj


  4. Hi can you tell me the code tysvm I’m on play wild and my user is Cutemagicgirl09 plz tell me ty 🙂

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