The Phantom Fortress Adventure Guide & Tips

There are about twenty adventures in Animal Jam. Some of them are pretty short, while others are very long. Most players enjoy doing the adventures, simply due to the fact that there are many rewards to be earned by doing them. The Phantom Fortress is one of those adventures.

The Phantom Fortress adventure was first released on January 5, 2017. On April 12, 2018, the Hard difficulty was added to the adventure. In this adventure, you need to disable the Fortress in order to stop it from doing more damage to Jamaa. To start the adventure, simply click on the world map, followed by clicking on the adventures button.

Scroll down the list to find the Phantom Fortress adventure and click on it. Let’s take a look at what this adventure is all about.

The Phantom Fortress Walkthrough Guide – Cheats & Tips

At the start of the adventure, you get teleported to the forest area. Your first objective is to find and talk to Cosmo. You can find him by moving up the path.

Cosmo tells you that the Phantom Fortress is stuck and that you will need to disable it while you have the chance. After talking to Cosmo, you move upwards and pass a giant footprint, left by one of the feet of the Fortress. Cosmo tells you that the Fortress is doing incredible damage to the area, and that Sir Gilbert will know how to stop it.

Your next objective is to find Sir Gilbert. You will walk over another fortress footprint. However, there are Phantoms scattered around the area. You can either avoid them, or lure them to the Chomper Plants and trap them.

Continue to the right, pass the actual fortress foot and keep moving right. Eventually, you will locate Sir Gilbert.

Talk to Sir Gilbert. He tells you that he has trapped a Phantom Scouting party. Your task is to go and raise four banners in the meadow. This will signal the tiger troops. You must do so before the Phantoms call in reinforcements.

The Four Banners

There are a total of four banners; Red, Blue, Black and White. Each of them require you to do a certain task to obtain them. After that, you need to bring them over the correct banner stand and hang them up. This will signal the  tiger troops.

Red Banner

The Red Banner is located nearby the White Banner stand. To the right of the stand, there is a Mechachomper. You need to lure the Phantoms to the Mechachomper and trap them. One of the Phantoms is carrying the Red Banner, and will drop it once you trap it.

Blue Banner

The Blue Banner can be obtained by trapping all three Phantoms that are roaming around the Red Banner stand. You need to lure them towards the three Chomper Plants and trap them. Once you trap all three Phantoms, the Blue Banner will appear.

Black Banner

You will notice that there are dried-up Chomper Plants around the Blue Banner stand. There are also several Phantoms scouting the area. What you need to do is get the watering can and give the dried-up Chomper Plants some water.

This will bring them back to life. Now, you need to lure the Phantoms into the Chomper Plants and trap them. Once you trap all three of those Phantoms, the Black Banner will appear.

White Banner

Lastly, the White Banner is located around the Black Banner stand. Again, there are three Phantoms scouting the area. You need to trap those Phantoms to obtain the White Banner.

The problem is, the Mechachomper has broken down. You need to find the cogwheel by running past the Phantoms and bring it back to repair the Mechachomper. Once you repair the Mechachomper, you need to lure the Phantoms into it and trap them. The White Banner will appear after you have trapped those Phantoms.

After you have raised all four banners, you need to go back to Sir Gilbert. A short cut-scene will play, showing you that the Phantoms are retreating. After the cut-scene, Sir Gilbert tells you that you that Cosmo is at the Fortress’ foot, trying to prevent it from moving.

First Fortress Leg

Your next task is to find Cosmo. Simply run to the left, and you will automatically find Cosmo. Cosmo tells you that he has used vines to temporarily prevent the Fortress from moving. However, you need to find a way to completely disable it before it starts moving again.

You first need to water the buds on the vines. This will allow you to climb up to the top. You need to find the control levers and pull them to shut down the leg. When you disable two legs, you can reach the upper levels of the fortress.

To climb up the first leg, you first need to find a watering can and water the vines. The water is located to the left. There is a pond that allows you to fill the watering can and bring it over to water the vines. At the top of the first leg, you need to solve a puzzle by spinning tiles until all pieces connect. After you connect the pieces, you can pull the lever to disable the leg.

Second Fortress Leg

Now that you have disabled the first leg, you need to move to the left, over the platform, to reach the second leg. Once you reach the second leg, you need to water the buds again to make the vines grow. After you reach the top of the second leg, a couple of metal panels block your way.

You can break those panels by clicking on them several times. After that, you need to avoid getting hit by the electrified pipes. Once you reach the lever, all you have to do is connect several puzzle pieces together to power it, and then pull it to disable the second leg.

You can now move to the left and go through the door to reach the upper levels of the fortress.

There are treasure chests scattered around the area, containing Gems and sometimes items.

The Upper Levels

You have now reached the upper levels of the Phantom Fortress. You need to continue moving forwards, and avoid Phantom Lookouts along the way. If you do get spotted by one of them, you will get blocked by webs, and a couple of Phantoms will show up to attack you. You can get out of the trap by clicking on the web several times and destroying it. Alternatively, you can use Boomseeds to defeat the incoming Phantoms, as well as the webs that are blocking your way.

You need to continue going down the path, and either avoid the Phantom Lookouts, or clear the way if you get spotted. Eventually, you will reach a ladder. However, before you go up the ladder, continue down the path just a little longer until you see a lever. Pull that lever to disable the upcoming Phantom Watcher.

After pulling the lever, you can go back, walk up the ladder and continue down the path. You will have to avoid Phantom Lookouts again. After a while, you need to go down several ladders, and either destroy or avoid the Phantoms in your path.

At the bottom of the path, there is a puzzle that you need to solve by connecting the pieces. This will power up the lever, which you will then have to pull. Now, you can go back a little bit and walk down the vine to end up at the forest again.

Third Fortress Leg

Your next task is to disable the third leg. You can reach the top of the third leg by climbing the vines, which are already grown. You have the choice to trap the Phantoms at the bottom of the leg by luring them to the Chomper Plants. You can also water the buds if you want to receive extra Gems. However, those tasks aren’t necessary to reach the top of the leg.

Once at the top of the third leg, you need to avoid several traps, and break down some panels that are blocking your way. At the end of the path, there is another puzzle that you need to solve, connecting the pieces together. Once you have done that correctly, you can pull the lever to disable the third leg.

Trapped Animals

After disabling the third leg, you need to climb up the ladder and solve another puzzle. This will allow you to rescue the trapped animals.

After you’ve opened up the cell, you will find out that Greely disguised himself as a Sheep. Greely will be angry at you, telling you that you have ruined months of preparation and infiltration. He tells you that you should escort the Sheep to safety.

Walk over the platform to the right, go down the ladder and the vines and reach the Sheep.

Now that you are with the Sheep, talk to Sir Gilbert. He will congratulate you for disabling some of the Fortress’ legs and for rescuing the animals.

Once you have finished your talk with Sir Gilbert and Cosmo, you will get a choice of five reward chests. The rewards for completing The Phantom Fortress adventure are listed below.

The Phantom Fortress Adventure Rewards

Completing the Phantom Fortress Adventure allows you to pick from five treasure chests.

Normal Difficulty Rewards

The rewards that you can receive for completing the adventure on the normal difficulty mode are as following; Sheep Bean Bag, Sheep Lamp, Sheep Sofa, Sheep Stool and Sheep Window.


Hard Difficulty Rewards

You can also choose to play the adventure on the hard difficulty. The rewards for completing the adventure on the hard difficulty are as following: Sheep Archway, Sheep Armoire, Sheep Chaise Lounge, Sheep Throne and Sheep Vanity.


Other Prizes

These are the prizes that can be obtained during the adventure itself.

Phantom Lookout

Occasionally found in one of the meadow’s hidden treasure chests.

Fortress Footprint Rug

Occasionally found in one of the meadow’s hidden treasure chests

Fortress Control Panel

Located in a hidden passage on the upper levels.

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