Phantom Journal Update

Hey Jammers!  It looks like the Jamaa Journal was taken over by phantoms this week so try your best to read along because they are really bad spellers!  First off I’m sure you all have noticed it has gotten a lot darker around Jamaa and there are Night of the Phantoms decorations going up all over town.  Also there are a bunch of new clothing and accessories available in the shops around Jamaa.


Be sure to check out the Spooky Party for some exclusive items and a great time before the Night of the Phantoms.  The Spooky Party is also where you can find the pet bats!


Those of you who are fans of the Animal Jam background music will be excited to hear that you can now get all of your favorite Animal Jam music in an online music album!


Remember that cheetahs will become endangered on October 23rd so that means you only have about a week and a half left until they go away for a while.  Be sure to hurry up and get yours before they get out of “hear”!


If you haven’t played the Bitter Sweets adventure yet, you should definitely check it out!  It’s a lot of fun and thousands of Jammers have already been playing it.


What are you most excited about for Night of the Phantoms?!

  1. Yo! I love how Jamal is decorated! It looks RLLY a kewl!!! The spooky party is fun. Even though I’m a non member and can’t get 1, I still don’t want the cheetahs to leave! The bitter sweets adventure is fun too!! (And I finally made it to 700!!) im excited about all the holidays of AJ bcuz they are all SOOOO fun!!!!!

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