Direwolves Have Arrived in Play Wild!

After a long-awaited time, the Direwolves have finally arrived in Play Wild. After their release on Animal Jam, it was clear that they would become one of the most popular animals in the entire game. Luckily, AJHQ noticed that, and decided to release the Direwolves on May 30, 2018. If you want to buy one for yourself, visit the Sapphire Shop in the Jamaa Township.

The picture above was released on the official AJ website. It shows the announcement of the Direwolves PW release. You can download PW on most smartphones, by going to Apple App Store, Google Play Store or Amazon App Store. The AJ website also encourages you to take a screenshot of your Direwolf and share it with them. If you think your wolf is the coolest one around, make sure to share a picture with us as well! We would like to see it for ourselves!

Play Wild Direwolf Pictures

I have decided to buy a Direwolf for myself and play around with it. In my opinion, it is one of the coolest animals in Play Wild. It has its own set of moves, and I have decided to show those moves to you guys by taking pictures. Let’s check out what the Direwolf can do.

Firstly, sitting will make the Direwolf stand on one place, but it will still wiggle around. It will look like it is very tired, and that it wants to lay down and sleep.

Speaking of sleeping, when you tell your wolf to sleep, it will lay down with its head resting on its front legs. Its back legs will be stretched out.

Telling your Direwolf to hop will make it repeatedly jump very high. It will show you that it is capable of jumping, just like a bunny.

The play action is one of the funniest I have seen. The wolf will stand on its legs, and show off its muscles, like it is some sort of bodybuilder. It makes the Direwolf look very strong.

Lastly, dancing will make it stand on its legs, and wiggle around from left to right, and repeat. Its dance moves are pretty slick, and will continue until you tell it to stop.

Direwolf Codes for Play Wild

There are no codes for the Direwolf in Play Wild. If you want to own one, simply go to the Sapphire Shop in the Jamaa Township. The wolf costs 150 Sapphires. Between May and July of 2018, you could also buy the Primal Direwolf Bundle for 250 Sapphires.

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