The Play Wild Sapphire Shop!

The Sapphire Shop is one of the most popular places in Play Wild. It is the place where you can use your Sapphires to buy many things. You will often find that the shop is crowded, and that many Jammers are looking to trade there. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Sapphire Shop, and see what kind of things you can purchase there.

To get to the shop, you must first click on the world map, which is at the bottom-right of the screen. In the center, you will see the Jamaa Township. After clicking on it once, the map will zoom in, and you will see the Sapphire Shop in the center. Simply click on it to go visit it.

Sapphire Shop Categories

Once you are inside, you will see that there are different stands where you can buy things. The first thing you will notice is a large shield, which allows you to buy a PW membership. Most of the features in PW can only be enjoyed by having a membership. If you got some spare Sapphires, you should really think about getting one, as it is well worth the price!

Currency Exchange

Any Jammers that have a large amount of Sapphires, but not Gems, will find great use for the Currency Exchange. It allows players to exchange their Sapphires for Gems. Currently, there are three exchanges; 1000 Gems for 10 Sapphires, 5000 Gems for 50 Sapphires and 11.000 Gems for 100 Sapphires.


Whenever a new animal gets released, you will usually find a bundle for it as well. The latest animal release is the Gorilla, which can be bought individually, or in a bundle. There are two bundles for sale. The Grand Gorilla Bundle, which also includes the Gorilla, and the Wooly Salon Bundle. The bundles always cost 250 Sapphires.


Sometimes, you will see Jammers walking around, accompanied by smaller animals. Those smaller animals are called Pets. At the Sapphire Shop, you can buy your own Pet as well. It will follow you around, wherever you go. There are many different Pets available, so make sure to check them out. All of the Pets in Play Wild cost 50 Sapphires.

Wolf Statue

The Wolf Statue is perhaps the most popular attraction at the Sapphire Shop. By clicking on it, you will be able to buy new animals. There is a large set of animals available, and they cost 150 Sapphires per animal. Be sure to check it out, as new animals get released regularly.


In PW, your gameplay doesn’t end after you have bought an animal. There is a Clothing stand in the Sapphire Shop, which allows you to buy all kinds of different armor for your animal. There are five categories; Head, Neck, Back, Tail and Paws. Prices vary from category to category. Usually, you will find entire matching sets, which makes your animal look great!

Den Items

Another popular stand in the shop is the Den Items stand. At this stand, you can buy all kinds of different items that you can place in your den. Dens are quite important in Play Wild, so it is quite nice that you can decorate it to your own taste. There are seven different categories; Electrics, Furniture, Kitchen, Outdoors, Rugs, Plants and Pet Toys.

Sound Tracks

The last stand in the Sapphire Shop allows you to buy Sound Tracks. The music in PW is often catchy, and some Jammers would like to listen to those tracks more often. The Sound Tracks cost 25 Sapphires per track.

Sapphire Shop Importance

As you can see, the Sapphire Shop is quite important for Jammers. It offers most of the items that you see throughout your gameplay. You should visit it, even if it is just to check it out!

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