Play Wild Treasure Hunt Cheats & Tips

Treasure hunts are fun quests in Play Wild where you get 5 chances to win prizes!  When you log in to Play Wild, you’ll see a treasure map at the top of your screen.  Click on it to go on a Treasure Hunt!

The first thing you’ll see is the Treasure Hunt map.  Some treasure hunts are only available for certain animals so you’ll have to buy them if you want to go on that hunt.  You can go on any of the glowing treasure hunts on the map in Play Wild!


When you first tap on a treasure hunt on the map, you’ll see the hidden prizes that you can win!  It will also show you what animal is needed to go on this treasure hunt.  Hopefully this cheats guide will help you win more prizes in Play Wild.  There are usually some cool prizes like this rare unicorn horn!


Now let’s go on our first Treasure Hunt!  All you need to do is tap the boxes that you think the treasure is behind.  You only get 5 chances to pick a winner so choose carefully!


Here’s what the prize wall looks like in a Play Wild Treasure Hunt.  Tap on whatever boxes you think have the prizes!


If you tap on a winning box, you’ll get a prize gift like some gems!


Or if you get really lucky you might win one of the rare items as a prize!


Even if you don’t tap on a winning box, you’ll still get 5-15 gems for every box you tap, so it’s fun to play no matter what!  Here’s what the winning hidden prize boxes look like in Play Wild.  The blue one is what the rare item prizes look like.


Some players have been able to cheat by looking at finished Treasure Hunts like the one above.  Try picking the boxes with the winners and you might just find a winner!  We’ll be posting more cheats for Play Wild Treasure Hunts so be sure to check back soon.


Treasure Hunts are a great way to get free gems and items in Play Wild.  If you have any treasure hunt cheats to add to this guide, please leave them in the comments!

Check out this video of some of our best Play Wild Treasure Hunts!

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  3. Ok,this clearly needs to be updated.For one thing,there is no treasure map,but instead for each animal there is a specific treasure hunt that only happens once a day.The box where u get rare items is green,and the ones with sapphires are blue.Treasure hunts are only for once a day. Buddy me on plushieshop18 or Angellele if you want.

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