Animal Jam Plushies

If you are a Jammer, I am sure you’ve heard about, or seen, one of the many Plushies in the game. Plushies are stuffed animals, which can be bought and placed into your den. They look like the real animals in Animal Jam, but they can’t move. They are just for show. Let’s take a closer look at all the different kinds of Plushies that you can find in Jamaa!

Animal Jam Plushies Appearance

Even though most Plushies look like their pet counterpart, some of them are definitely made to look “fake”. They come in different sizes and colors. Some also have stitches on them. This is done so that players will know that the animal in your den is not real.

Claw Plushies

The easiest way to get Plushies in AJ is by winning them at The Claw mini-game. They are the most common Plushies in the game, because they are very easy to win.

Diamond Claw Plushies

This is what the Lynx Plushie looks like.

The Goat Plushie is among the cutest Plushies in AJ.

Underwater Claw Plushies

There are also Plushies that can only be won by playing the Underwater Claw mini-game. On August 3th, 2017, the Underwater Claw Machine was added to Animal Jam.

The Dolphin and Shark Plushies, as well as several other Plushies, can be won by playing the Underwater Claw mini-game.

Conservation Museum Plushies

In the past, you were able to buy Plushies at the Conversation Museum. These Plushies were gigantic compared to the in-game animals that they represented. Check out the Giant Rhino Plushie and the Giant Crocodile Plushie below. They definitely look way larger than normal!

Touch Pool Plushies

In Tierney’s Aquarium, you will find the Touch Pool mini-game. By playing, you can win water themed Plushies. However, these Plushies can only be won once per AJ account.

Diamond Shop Plushies

You can sometimes buy Plushies in the Diamond Shop as well. The Plushies at the Diamond Shop are gigantic, just like the ones at the Conservation Museum.

Summer Carnival Plushies

Every year, there is the Summer Carnival in Jamaa. During the Summer Carnival, you are able to buy different kinds of Plushies with Tickets. There are four categories of Summer Carnival Plushies.

Small Size Summer Carnival Plushies

Large & Giant Size Summer Carnival Plushies

Freedom Day starts during the Summer Carnival. On Freedom Day, you can buy specific Plushies, called Freedom Plushies. They come in small and large sizes.

Small Size Freedom Plushies

Large Size Freedom Plushies

Epic Plushies

The Epic Plushies are some of the rarest Plushies in AJ. The only way to get them was by buying a real-life AJ Plushies, one of the Sidekix Plushies from Animal Jam Outfitters. Epic Plushies come with unique badges and they have their own animations.

Jazwares Plushies

Jazwares Plushies are another set of very rare Plushies. You would need to buy Jazwares Toys and enter the codes that come with those toys, in order to get Jazwares Plushies.

Other Plushies

Lastly, there are a bunch of other Plushies in AJ that are not categorized. Below, you will see a few of those Plushies. They all look pretty interesting, don’t you think?

What plushies do you have? Are there any plushies you want to trade? Post your trades in the comments below!

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