Play Wild Raccoon Tail

Dressing up your animal in Play Wild is part of the game. There are some rather unique items in the game that can drastically change the way your animal looks. The Raccoon tail is one of those items. This item is worn on the tail, and makes your animal look just like a raccoon.

The Raccoon Tail was first released on September 8, 2017. The Traveling Salesman sold the item for 1600 Gems. However, just like many other items, the tail was only available for a day. After September 8, 2017, the tail returned to the game four more times. Each time, it was sold by the Traveling Salesman for one day only. The last time the Raccoon Tail was sold was on September 9, 2018, which is exactly a year after it was originally released.

Raccoon Tail Appearance in AJPW

The Raccoon Tail looks exactly as you would imagine; just like a raccoon’s ringed tail. It has two separate colors on it, dark-green and light-green. When put on, it makes the animal look like a sneaky raccoon. This item comes in only one color variant. You can see what it looks like in the picture below. Even though it doesn’t look very impressive, it is still quite a unique item to own.

How to Get a Raccoon Tail in Play Wild

The Raccoon Tail was available for purchase for a total of five days, scattered over a  year. The Traveling Salesman had the tail in stock for only a day, after which it got removed. The last time the tail was available at the Traveling Salesman was between September 8 and 9, 2018. If you missed your chance again, there is only one way to obtain the Raccoon Tail, which is by trading.


The Raccoon tail wasn’t that expensive when it was for sale at the Traveling Salesman. It was sold for 1600 Gems, which is a decent amount, but easily obtainable by playing the game. Now that the tail is no longer sold in the game, its value has increased. The only way to get the tail is by trading with other jammers. Make sure to use common knowledge when you are trading.

Raccoon Tail Codes

There are no working codes available for the Raccoon Tail. The item was sold by the Traveling Salesman, but is no longer available in the game. Sometimes, you can find codes on the AJ or PW forums, which give you some items or in-game currencies when redeemed. This is not the case for the Raccoon Tail, unfortunately. I will update this post if I ever find any working codes. 

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