Rare Bow and Arrows

The rare bow and arrows is another very popular rare item in Animal Jam.  One of the main reasons for its popularity (aside from the fact that they look awesome) is that they are available for non-members too!  Now to find out more about the rare bow and arrows and other kinds of bows you will find in Jamaa

Rare Bow & Arrows

The original rare bow and arrows were released in December of 2011 as a Jamaaliday gift.  There were originally 8 different colors of bow and arrows and they did not receive the “rare” tag until 2012.

Each set of bow and arrows features a compound bow with a quiver holding arrows.  These are the colors of the original rare bow and arrows.  Note that some of these pictures are before the rare tag was added.

Rare Bow and Arrows – Orange

Rare Bow and Arrows – Purple

Rare Bow and Arrows – Green

Rare Bow and Arrows – Grey

Rare Bow and Arrows – Black

Rare Bow and Arrows – Blue

Rare Bow and Arrows – Pink

Rare Bow and Arrows – Magenta

How to Get Rare Bow & Arrows in Animal Jam

Since the rare bow and arrows were first released many years ago, I bet you’re wondering how you can still get them.  I’ve listed some way below to help you find a rare bow and arrow on your own!

Win an Adventure

It has been confirmed that both rare and non-rare bow and arrows have been awarded as prizes for winning certain adventures.  I know the Forgotten Desert is one of the adventures but I’m not sure which other ones work.  Even though you aren’t guaranteed to win a rare bow and arrows from an adventure, this is still a good way to get them because you won’t have to pay or trade anything!

Trading for a Rare Bow and Arrow

Another way to get a rare bow and arrow would be to trade with another Jammer.  There is a lot of argument about how much a rare bow and arrow is worth so just be polite other players when making a trade.  Who knows, maybe they won it in an adventure and don’t like it.  You could get a rare bow and arrow for less than you thought!

You can comment on this page if you’re looking for a rare bow and arrows and see if another Jammer has one to trade.  Comment below with what you have or what you’re willing to trade!

Rare Bow & Arrow Codes

Jammers are always looking for codes to get a rare bow and arrows for free but unfortunately I don’t think there are any.  Plus if there were rare bow and arrow codes, they wouldn’t be as rare!  Until there are codes available, I would try ones of the ways I listed above and you’ll get your rare bow and arrows quicker!

Non Rare Bow & Arrows

After the release of the rare bow and arrows in 2011, AJHQ has continued to give out bow & arrows as Jamaaliday gifts every year since.  However these new bow and arrows are not considered rare.  There are also 8 different colors of non-rare bows and arrows which you can see below.

Neon Blue Bow & Arrows

Golden Bow & Arrows

Another type of non-rare bow and arrows is the Golden Bow and Arrows.  This item was released in May 2012 as a members-only item sold at the Epic Wonders shop.  The golden bow and arrows is identical to the other sets but it is all gold in color.

This item costs a whopping 4500 gems which make it the most expensive clothing item.  It can still be purchased at Epic Wonders or it can be won in an adventure.

Cupid’s Bow and Arrows

Cupid’s Bow & Arrows is a spin-off from the original bow & arrow sets.  It features a curved bow with one giant heart shaped arrow.  There is no quiver like the other variations.

There are 8 different colors of Cupid’s bow & arrows.  It was first sold as a member-only item at Epic Wonders in February 2015 for the Friendship Festival.  The price was 1500 gems.

Spring Bow & Arrows

The Spring Bow & Arrows were released on February 26th 2017 for just one day at the Diamond Shop.  They were part of a set of other spring items which were also only available for one day each.

The bow is green with blue accents and cost 3 diamonds on the day it was available.

How to Get a Non-Rare Bow & Arrows

Non-rare bow and arrows are more common than the rare version so they’re easier to get!  Here are some ways you can get them.

Epic Wonders Shop

The Epic Wonders shop is located underneath the waterfall in Coral Canyons.  On the second floor of the shop is where you can find the clothing items.  The Golden bow and arrows is for sale there.  You better save up before going though because it costs 4500 gems!

In the past, other bow and arrows like the Cupid’s version have also been for sale at Epic Wonders.  Keep an eye on the Jamaa Journal and check back from time to time to see if any other new ones have arrived.


Non-rare bows are also awarded as prizes on some adventures.  There are many different items awarded as prizes so it may take you a while to get a bow and arrows, but eventually you probably will!


You can also trade with another player to get a bow and arrows.  If you have a bow and arrow to trade or if you’re looking for one, comment below!

  1. I am looking for any blue or black bow and arrows. My user is wolfkat6132. JAG me if you have any!!

  2. I have a non-member bow and arrow which is color green and with purple, I’m looking for another bow and arrow with a different color scheme (non-member or rare) I don’t have much to trade but I have 1 rare item and 1 diamond item, I can even trade my bow for another bow 😀 My username is lovelyflowergirl77

  3. Hi everyone! I’m Bluebunnys10 and can I please have a bow and arrow for non members. 🙂

  4. I have a rare orange bow and a non rare red bow jam me what u offer user cutebun192

  5. I have Pink Rare Bow and Arrow for trade. Jag if you want to offer

  6. i want more ways to get bows and arowws cuz im member

  7. trying to collect all non-rare bows! will trade 1 rare bow for 2 non-rare ones!

    my username is: Burningleap

  8. addielovestacos
    I’ll trade rares for art, bow and arrows, and other things 😀

    • I’m Precioussse on animaljam and I have an art piece!

  9. i am happybutterflies42 on animal jam. if anyone has a rare bow and arrow in an unwanted color i am willing to trd four small rares and a retired diamond item for it and i am willing to add on top of that. Please reply if you have ANY COLOR one

    • i have rare silver bow and arrows. my user is: potahtoh

  10. i have the black and red one but i want different ones i have rares on trade just JAG me do you want to trade for one of your bows or something i will trade you 6 of my rares my username is pand3thewolf (dumb username ik)

  11. oh yeah im darlingwolf620

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