Rare Headdresses

The headdress is one of the most wanted rare items in Animal Jam.  It’s no secret that many Jammers are looking for them, but the question is how do you get one?  First let’s start with the history of the headdress so we can figure out just how rare they are.

Original Animal Jam Rare Headdress

Headdresses first appeared in Animal Jam back in November 2010 to celebrate the Feast of Thanks.  They were available for members during November 2010 & 2011 and then were discontinued.  The original Animal Jam headdresses are the rarest because they have been discontinued for many years.

When they were first released, the headdresses were not rare but in 2015 all of the original colors were marked as rare items.  You can see below that the original headdresses did not have the “rare” tag when viewing them for sale.

There are 8 different colors of the original Animal Jam headdress:

  • Blue & Gray
  • Orange & White
  • Black & Green
  • Red & Tan
  • Magenta & Green
  • Green & Gray
  • Light Pink
  • Purple & Pink

Fast forward to today and these original rare headdresses are some of the hardest items to find in Animal Jam.  See more about how to get them below.

Rare Item Monday Headdress

In fall 2012, the headdress returned to Animal Jam on a rare item Monday.  The Rare Item Monday headdress is white and purple in color.  These were only available for one day so they were even harder to get than the original.

The Rare Item Monday headdresses were only available for members to buy and cost 650 gems.  This was before diamonds even existed in the game.

This headdress came back very briefly as a prize for the Forgotten Desert adventure but it has since been removed.

Headdresses Discontinued

After the releases of these headdresses, they were all discontinued.  That makes all of them rare, no matter what color.  Some colors may be considered more rare than others, but they are all difficult to find.

AJHQ has responded to comments on the Daily Explorer asking for the return of rare headdresses.  Their answer is that headdresses are permanently discontinued.  But don’t worry, there are still ways to get one.

How to Get a Rare Headdress in Animal Jam

Even though the headdress is permanently discontinued, you can still find them around Jamaa.  Some of them have traded hands with many Jammers while others have been held onto for years.  Here are some ways to get a rare headdress.

Trade for a Rare Headdress

This is probably the best way to get a headdress but it will take some time.  First you need to find another Jammer who has a headdress and is willing to trade it.  You can comment here below if you are looking for a rare headdress or you have one to trade.

After you find someone who wants to trade their headdress, you must agree on a trade.  The value of each rare headdress can vary a lot depending on who you are dealing with.  Make sure you agree on a trade that is fair and that you are both happy about.

Once the trade is complete, you’ll have your headdress!  Now wear it around Jamaa with pride and be sure to show all of your buddies.

Rare Item Monday

I know that AJHQ has said headdresses are permanently discontinued but you never know.  My advice would be to keep an eye on the Rare Item Monday items because there’s a chance there will be another headdress some day.  Or if you get your hands on another great RIM item, you could try trading it for a headdress too!

Rare Headdress Codes

Lots of Jammers ask about codes for the rare headdresses.  It would be great if there were codes to get a rare headdress for free but unfortunately I have never heard of any.  Plus if there were codes for the rare headdresses, it would make them less rare!

You’re better off trying to trade for a rare headdress but if there ever are any codes for them, I’ll list them here.  Please go ahead and use the comments section to arrange trades with other Jammers.  Good luck!

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  4. I’d like a green and black headdress for myself and a light pink one for my BFF… my username is fudgefur
    gifting would be great but trading is fine too…

  5. i would love a headdress i have been looking for one for ages and it would make my day because im not rare at all 😀 people bully me and call me an unrare freak because i dont have rares and i would like a headdress to prove them people wrong my username is animaljam3730

  6. please me i had one and i got scammed for it user:meowcats88

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