Rare Panda Hat Today Only

Hey Jammers! Today is Monday, and you know what that means, there is another rare item up for grabs. Today the rare panda hat is available, and you must login to Animal Jam today only, and you will be able to score this item for free. This hat is red and black so you almost look like a red panda, and it features two buttons that look like eyes on the front of it. This red panda hat is rare, so if you do not login to get it for free, you are probably not going to be able to get it at all.

This item will not be around too long, so make sure you are logging in to Animal Jam quickly because once this rare panda hat is out of stock, it will be gone for good. Every week there is a new rare item of the day being given away on Mondays, and you have to login before midnight in order to get your item. Make sure you tell your friends too, that way you and your buddies can go around Jamaa wearing the cool panda hat and you will have an even better time exploring the lands. Also, remember that Summer Carnival is about over, so make sure you have all of the fun you can there while it is still going on, and it will be ending here very soon. Also remember to come back next week for the new rare Monday item, which is going on all year long in Animal Jam.

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