Red Panda Codes, Pictures & Guide

Everyone knows that pandas are one of the cutest animals in the world. But do you want to know what other animal is even cuter? That’s right, the Red Panda! This fluffy, little animal was first announced on October 26th, 2017. However, the first hints of the Red Panda were released on October 12th of the same year. The Red Panda itself was officially released on November 2nd, 2017, in Animal Jam. You can still find and buy the Red Panda on Animal Jam.

The picture above shows the first hints of the Red Panda. After this hint was dropped, the announcement followed two weeks later, in the Jamaa Journal. Obviously, the Red Panda comes with a red fur. It also has white ears, white stripes on its tail and white details on its face. In a way, the Red Panda resembles a Raccoon, which can also be found in Animal Jam.

Animal Jam Red Panda Pictures

I have purchased and played around with the Red Panda for a little bit. I decided to take some pictures of it, so I can show you guys what the Red Panda in Animal Jam looks like. The Red Panda has its own set of actions and moves. The pictures below will show you what the Red Panda looks like, how it moves around and how its actions look like.

If you want to play as a Red Panda, you are going to need to buy it from the Diamond Shop. The Red Panda costs 10 Diamonds, just like many other animals in the Diamond Shop. Keep in mind that the Red Panda is a members-only animal. This means that you need an Animal Jam membership to be able to buy and play as a Red Panda. For members that do not have 10 Diamonds, just make sure to log into Animal Jam and make use of the daily free spin. This will reward you with some Diamonds, which you can save up to buy the Red Panda.

First, you should pick a suiting name for your Red Panda. I would go with something cute as a name. If you would ask me, the Red Panda is one of the cutest animals in Animal Jam.

Let’s take a look at what makes the Red Panda so special. As with any other animal in Animal Jam, the Red Panda also has its own set of actions and moves. When you tell your Red Panda to sit down, it will curl its back feet and sit normally, while its front legs are slightly bent.

I am always excited to see what the dance moves are of any new animal that I have bought on Animal Jam. The Red Panda is no exception to that. The Red Panda’s dance moves consist of a couple of moves. It first starts by jumping onto its paw. After that, the Red Panda does a very nice backflip, and lands back on its paws. This is an great dance move if you’d ask me.

The Red Panda has a very cute sleeping pose as well! When you tell your Red Panda to sleep, it will lay down flat on its chest, legs sticking out and tail wagging.

Telling your Red Panda to hop will make it stand upright, and doing small jumps from side to side. This will continue until you move your Red Panda around.

Another cute move that the Red Panda can do is the play action. It will do a sweet roll from one side to the other, and then get up to return to its original starting point. Watching the Red Panda roll around is very enjoyable, as it makes a happy face while doing so.

Red Panda Codes for Animal Jam

There are currently no codes available to get the Red Panda for free on Animal Jam. If you are looking for such codes, you are out of luck. Animal Jam does tend to release some codes for different things, such as free gems, but rarely does it do so for animals. On top of that, the Red Panda is a members-only animal, and this means that regular Jammers won’t be able to purchase the Red Panda. I will keep searching for Red Panda codes on the internet, and will update this post if I find anything worth sharing!

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