Royal Red Pandas in AJ

On April 4, 2019, AJHQ announced the arrival of the Spring season in Animal Jam. Within the announcement post, AJHQ stated that they have released new items into the game, as well as a new animal, the Skunk. One of the images in the post shows the Skunks running around. There is also a picture that shows a different kind of animal; the Royal Red Panda.

The Royal Red Panda is officially released into Animal Jam on April 18, 2019. It is a members-only animal, which means that non-members are not able to purchase it. For the time being, the Royal Red Panda can be purchased at the Diamond Shop for a price of 10 Diamonds. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the Royal Red Panda, and see what they are all about.

Royal Red Panda AJ Appearance

The Royal Red Pandas actually look quite similar to the regular Red Pandas in Animal Jam. By default, they have a red fur coat, brown legs and white ears. The animal has a stripe on each cheek, and has a circle around both eyes.

What makes the Royal Red Panda so special is that it is covered in jewels. It also seems like there are gold details on its ears, face, tail and legs. There are several jewels on its tail, a jewel on each leg and another one on its forehead. These details definitely makes it look royal! On top of all that, you will also notice that the Royal Red Panda has a trail behind it when it walks around. You can see what that trail looks like in the picture below.

How to Get a Royal Red Panda in Animal Jam

I wanted to take a look at what it looks like when the Royal Red Panda performs its actions. Just like all other animals, the Royal Red Panda is able to sit, dance, sleep, hop and play. Let’s take a look at what those actions look like.

First of all, let’s take a look at how the Royal Red Panda sits down. It sits down on its behind, with its front legs pushing up. Its tail is also slightly moving.

The sleeping action makes it lay down on its stomach, with all four of its legs stretched out. Its head is slightly moving up and down to indicate that it is breathing, and its eyes are closed. You can also clearly see its tail moving up and down.

The Royal Red Panda is not capable of jumping very high. The hop action makes it do small jumps from left to right and back. It uses its back paws to do so. It almost appears like its front paws are trying to grab something while the animal is hopping.

The playing action makes it hop several times to one side, and then roll back to its original spot. Once it is back on its original spot, it starts hopping again.

Lastly, the dance action makes the Royal Red Panda jump to one side and land on its paw. Once it lands on its paw, it will throw itself up in the air, do a backflip and land on its feet.

One thing you might have also noticed about the Royal Red Panda is that it leaves behind a trail when it is walking around. The trail consists of different crests and gems.

Royal Red Panda Codes for Animal Jam

There are currently no codes available for the Royal Red Panda. The animal has been released very recently, and is still available at the Diamond Shop. It is sold for 10 Diamonds. If you do not have enough Diamonds, all you have to do is log in on a daily basis, spin the wheel and collect your free Diamonds for the day. You will easily collect 10 Diamonds to buy the Royal Red Panda.

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