Royal Ridge Shop

Royal Ridge is a shop in Animal Jam that is only accessible by eagles.  The shop was opened a couple months ago at Coral Canyons.  Since some players don’t have a membership or an Eagle to fly up there I thought I’d make a post to show you what it’s like there!


You can get to the Royal Ridge shop by flying your eagle up to the top of Coral Canyons near the left side of the area.  You cant actually go inside the shop but you can perch outside of it and look over Coral Canyons which is kinda cool!  Here are the items they currently have for sale at Royal Ridge.


They have some pretty neat looking stained glass art and some rare clothing racks to decorate your den with.  These are the Royal Ridge items with more detail on each of them.  The first two items are a stained glass window and a lamp.  I love the look of stained glass so I’ve got a couple of these in my den!

Stained Glass Window

Price: 500 gems


Stained Glass Lamp

Price: 450 gems


Gem Encrusted Rug

Price: 800 gems

If you like this rug then you should check out the new Sparkling Diamond Encrusted Armor!


Royal Archway

Price: 700 gems


Rack of Clothing

Price: 750 gems

This regular rack of clothing can be used in a bedroom or entry way in your den to hang clothes on.  Notice how it doesn’t have the “members only” badge on it?  I wonder if that means non-members will eventually be able to visit Royal Ridge?  Hmmm…


Rack of Rare Clothing

Price: 1500 gems

The rare rack of clothing is the most expensive item at Royal Ridge right now.  Decorate your den with some of the rarest clothing items from around Jamaa!


I know some of you were interested in what all was up at the Royal Ridge shop, so now you know!  Honestly I don’t think non-members are missing out on a whole lot here… They’ve got some cool stuff but I’m hoping they come out with some more items!

  1. Why cant people have non member animals many have quit because of that.

  2. I wish non members could have a good pet and good animal 🙁 its not fair the game has turned into a buy your membership and get cool stuff game then a learn about threatened animals game

  3. I’m a member myself,honestly nm areway better then m ,but only because they don’t brag.If i didn’t capitalize or spell words correctly sorry i typed this message onmy PS3

  4. can you buddy me? maybe you can show us some secrets live in animaljam in person! plz buddy me I hav several accounts:

  5. I realy hope nms get a flying animals.Itd so borimg to have animals always the same:|

  6. HEY buddy me plz! Sellieheart

  7. NO FAIR!!! All the members get all the cool things!! I’m starting to think AJ is shutting out all Non-Members. Soon, even Non-Member things are going to be for members only, It ALWAYS happens…

  8. I’d like non member bears that cost diamonds, we deserve a cool animal.

  9. Well,in my opinion I’m sure they made that nm because of the trading system. BUT that does not mean I want that to be the reason ;)anyways I really do hope nm get flying animals because nms deserve ONE cool animal am I right? Also, its unfair how many secrets nms can’t find without flight. (personally I hope for nm owls, they could be diamond shop so nms pay for diamonds,cause nms paying for something is ajs only compromise on that one :|) also sorry if anything is misspelled or used improperly,I’m on a phone XP

  10. LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL LOL nothing happening not missing out

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