Sabertooth Codes, Pics & More

The Sabertooth arrived in Jamaa on April 12th 2018.  These big cats were thought to be extinct for many years but they have returned!  There was a mysterious carving in the Temple of the Ancients that was a hint about the Sabertooth coming.  Let’s see what this new animal is like!

Like most new animals, the sabertooth is available for sale at the Diamond Shop.  The price is 10 diamonds which is pretty standard for the Diamond Shop animals in Jamaa.  The sabertooth is a members-only animal but if you’re not a member there are still ways you can get one!

To see the sabertooth for yourself you’ll need to go to the Diamond Shop.  You can find the sabertooth by clicking on the wolf statue in the middle of the room.  Here’s what the animal looks like in the shop.

The sabertooth is yet another big cat to join the rest of them in Jamaa.  I’ve lost count of how many big cats there are now!  As their name suggests, these cats are known for their long and sharp teeth.  They’re a little intimidating at first!

However once you get to know your sabertooth you’ll find that they are really fun animals!  They just want to get along with everyone else in Jamaa and have a good time.  And they’ve got some great dance moves too!

Probably my favorite thing about the new sabertooth is the “play” move.  A butterfly will appear and the sabertooth will start eyeing it, then it pounces!

It looks like the sabertooth lands on the butterfly and there is a scuffle.  There’s lots of dust and it’s hard to tell what’s going on, but then the butterfly appears and it’s unharmed.  The sabertooth looks around confused for a bit and then goes back to trying to catch the butterfly :p

Even though there are already some really cool big cats in Jamaa, I think the sabertooth is a really awesome addition.  I totally didn’t expect them to arrive so I think it was a great surprise!  It’s too bad that they are for members only and they cost 10 diamonds.  Surely there are some ways to get a sabertooth for free?  Let’s find out!

Animal Jam Sabertooth Codes

Now the quickest way to get a sabertooth is to become an Animal Jam member.  Members get free diamonds and other bonuses so it’s easy to save up for new animals in no time.  Getting a membership is not an option for all Jammers so I do giveaways to help out non-members.  Check out our giveaways to sign up for the latest one!

Another way to get a sabertooth for free would be to invite your friends to sign up for Animal Jam.  AJHQ recently started a new promo where if you have a friend sign up with a membership then you get 15 diamonds for free!  So be sure to tell your friends to sign up and put your username as the referral.

The last way to get a sabertooth would be to use codes.  Codes for animals are usually pretty hard to find and most of the time they only come when you buy a membership.  That’s not to say that there will never be sabertooth codes, I’ll keep looking!

If any readers find any sabertooth codes please share them in comments below.  I’ll update this page if any codes for sabertooths are found.  In the meantime you can enter one of our giveaways for a chance to get your own membership for free!

  1. I have a code for sabertooths its teamsabertooth

  2. My username is spiritwolf2601 I would really like membership so I can see what it is like to be a member.

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