Animal Jam Scamming – Don’t Get Scammed!

If you have ever played any online game that has in-game items, you have probably heard of the word “scam”, or “scamming”. Scamming basically means that you get tricked, and the person that tricked you just got their hands on something valuable of yours. Jammers should definitely be careful of scammers, as there are many of them in Animal Jam. Unfortunately, it is nearly impossible to stop all scammers, but I will teach you a thing or two so that you can keep your valuables safe. Let’s first take a look at some of the known Animal Jam scams.

Types of Animal Jam Scams

One of the most common scams in Animal Jam is called Best Trade Wins. The scammer will say something like “best trade wins my outfit”, and will follow that up with “I’m quitting”. They want to gain your trust, telling you to trade them your best item, since they will reward you with their outfit and they are quitting. In reality, they are not quitting at all. They want to steal your most valuable items, and never trade anything back for it.

A similar scam to best trade wins is called Make Me Accept. The difference between the two is that the scammer is daring you to force him to accept, basically making him an offer that he can’t refuse. Why would you even do that? They are obviously not going to decline. You will only lose your valuable items to scammers like this, and you should never trust them.

Another similar scam to best trade wins is called First Trade Wins. The scammer is daring you to be quick and trade him, making it look like he will reward you with something if you do so. Once you have traded with the scammer, you will obviously not win anything at all.

If someone asks you to trade a valuable item of yours for their worthless item, while making it seem like they won’t accept, it is called Trust Trading. They try to gain your trust, and keep saying things like “trust me” and “I won’t accept”. Be very careful of these types of scams! It is well known that people that keep saying “trust me” are almost always out to scam you out of your valuable Animal Jam items. To avoid this, never trust trade anyone in Animal Jam.

Sometimes, scammers will directly ask you to just trade them something. They claim that they will trade you back afterwards with something more valuable. This scam is called Gift Swapping. Often, the scammer will say that their trade doesn’t work, and that they will have to fix it later. Obviously, this isn’t true at all. Never trust anyone that says they will trade you at a later time. The trading system is there for this exact reason, so use it!

Another common scam in Animal Jam to be careful of is people asking to Borrow your item. They will make it look like they are trustworthy, but once you traded them, they will never give you your item back. You shouldn’t even borrow anything to your friends.

If you are walking around in the Animal Jam world, and you come across someone that says they are a famous Jammer, be very cautious. Scammers tend to create new accounts, make false claims that they are famous, and get you to trade items. They usually dress up as some of the more famous Jammers, making it look like they are actually famous too.

Always be careful of people asking you to Share Accounts with them. For starters, giving away your password is against the rules, but it also allows the scammers to take all of your items. Never share your personal information with anyone on Animal Jam.

When someone claims that their family member Owns Animal Jam, you should stay clear of that person. They will try to take your items, and then unbuddy you immediately.

Another similar scam to trust trading is called Flash Trading. The scammer will say things such as “Flash Me” or “Flash Trade Me”, and these type of people should never be trusted. Flash trading means that the scammer dares you to trade him. Even though you think that you can outsmart them and decline quickly, keep in mind that they have auto-accept bots.

How to Avoid Being Scammed

There are a number of ways to avoid being scammed in Animal Jam. The first rule is that if something is too good to be true, it probably is. This means that if someone is making you a ridiculous offer in Animal Jam, they are probably out to gain your trust, and try to scam you.

Another rule to remember is that you shouldn’t allow anyone to pressure you into trading. It is known that scammers will try to sweet-talk you into trading with them. However, if that doesn’t work, they will put pressure on you, and start bullying you, until you give up and give them your items.

A good way to avoid getting scammed in Animal Jam is by checking out our helpful Animal Jam Trading Tips and Tricks Guide. You will learn how to trade in Animal Jam, but also to be careful of certain things. Make sure to check out the guide to avoid getting scammed.

How to Report Scammers

No one likes bullies or scammers. If you see someone breaking the rules in Animal Jam, there is an easy way to report them. This way, you will not only protect yourself, but other players as well! To report a player on Animal Jam, follow these steps:

  • Bring up their Player Card by clicking on their animal name
  • Find the badge button, which allows you to report a player
  • On the list, select the reason why you are reporting that player
  • Click on the green report button
  • After reporting a player, a moderator will review it and take action if necessary
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  1. Great article! I wish all players would listen to your advice. My daughter started playing when it first came out I guess about 7-8 years ago. Sometimes she believed the older players and had some great items stolen and then her heart broke. Not so much about the item, but because she thought the player was her friend. They would buddy her and play with her for days and then pull the scam once they had her trust. Now she knows better! Further more
    If you play by the rules. You’ll never get scammed. It’s for your own good players. Listen to the rules and play happy and safe. Happy Halloween Jammers!

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