Skunk Tail – Animal Jam Item

Skunks are animals that are mostly known for their foul smell. However, their fur does look fluffy. If you want to look like a skunk, you should definitely take a look at the Skunk Tail!

The Skunk Tail was released into Animal Jam on June 8, 2017. It was part of the Tail Sale, which lasted for four days. The tail could be bought for 3 Diamonds. If you own one, you can recycle it for 300 Gems, although that is not advisable, as it is worth much more that that.

In the picture above, you can see what the default color layout of the tail is. It is a black tail, which has stripes over it. It looks like the stripes are zigzagging over the tail. Usually, the tail is a darker color, while the stripes are lighter. There are a total of eight different varieties. If you want to see what those varieties look like, check out the pictures below.

Skunk Tail Color Varieties

There are a total of eight different color varieties for this item. The default one is a black tail with white stripes ion the middle. However, the other variations are probably more valuable, as they look more appealing. Check out these pictures to see what all variations look like;


The only Skunk Tail that has a lighter outside color and a darker inside color is the red one. The outside is a red color, and the inside stripes are black. The other variations have a darker outside color, while their stripes are lighter. As you can see, all covers say “4 Days Left”. That is because the tail was only available for a total of four days.

How to Get a Skunk Tail in Animal Jam

There are not a lot of ways to still get the Skunk Tail. However, if you follow the methods below, you can still get one for yourself. Trading is your best, and probably your only option.


Trading in Animal Jam is one of the most common ways to obtain items that are no longer available in the in-game stores. Once items go on clearance, they will disappear from the game. In rare cases, they appear back after years, but most of the time, you will never see those items in the game again.

This is currently the case for the Skunk Tail. The item could be bought during the Tail Sale, but that only lasted for four days. One of the ways to get the tail now is by trading for it. Visit the Diamond Shop in a busy server, and ask around if anyone wants to trade with you. Our handy guide has some tips and tricks on how to safely trade, and avoid getting scammed.

Adventure Prizes

There are currently no known adventures where you can win the Skunk Tail as a prize. After extensively checking out the drop tables, I couldn’t find a mention of this item, which makes it even rarer. If you weren’t around for the Tail Sale, your best bet would be to look for some Jammers that were. You can ask around at the Jamaa Township if there is anyone that owns the Skunk Tail, and if they do, if they are willing to trade it for your items.

Skunk Tail Codes

There are some clothing items in AJ that have codes for them. Unfortunately, that is not the case with the Skunk Tail. There are no known codes for this item. If you are looking to trade, or want to share something interesting with us, just leave a comment down below!

  1. im trading nerds and or good rose art for red or blue skunk tail jag if deal user is daymoon792

  2. I have nerds and am willing to trade them for a purple or orange skunk tail… My Username is Krude2 jag me if deal


  4. i have pink and white black looking for long collars 🙂 user:willow001

  5. i got hacked a week ago and they took my nerds plz jag me if u have any for tarde im sirfox11

  6. i have a blue skunk tail looking for 4 longs, a beta, and a short wrist.
    it sounds unfair but that’s what its worth 🙂

    user: lilypatily

  7. I wish I had a skunk tail cause if I did I would be so happy right now
    I’d probably be screaming ” OMG I GOT A SKUNK TAIL!” but no I didn’t get it yet hoping to though!
    User: whisper9001

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