Spooky Armor Set

If you have been a Jammer for a while, you probably noticed that new releases often have their own theme. This was also the case for the Spooky Armor. Wearing this armor would make your animal look prepared and ready for Halloween! The Spooky Armor was released on September 28, 2017, made available for the special Night of the Phantoms event in AJ.

The armor consists of a set of five items; Hood, Pendant, Cloak, Mittens and Tail. The items are members-only, and were sold for Diamonds, ranging between 1 and 3 Diamonds. If you are looking for Spooky Armor Codes, occasionally AJHQ releases codes for their items!

Spooky Armor Pictures

Each of the items in the armor set looks like it is made out of a soft fabric, and not metal. The main color scheme is purple, with orange and black details. The items also have sharp spikes on them, except for the Spooky Pendant. You will also notice that the Spooky Pendant and the Spooky Mittens have chains on them, the only parts that are made out of metal. In the pictures below, you can take a closer look at what the different items look like.

Spooky Hood

Spooky Pendant

Spooky Cloak

Spooky Mittens

Spooky Tail

How to Get Spooky Armor

Since the Night of the Phantoms event is over, it is no longer possible to buy the Spooky Armor set in any of the shops. However, the armor still exists within the game. If you are a member, you can still get the armor set by trading with other Jammers.


Trading is an essential part of Animal Jam. It allows players to trade items with each other. Items that are no longer available for purchase, can still be obtained by trading. This is also the case for the Spooky Armor set.

A good way to find someone that has the armor set is by going to crowded places. One of those crowded places is the Jamaa Township. Simply type that you are looking for Spooky Armor, and what you are willing to trade for it. If anyone has the items you are looking for, they will trade with you. Follow our guide on safe trading to avoid getting scammed!

Spooky Armor Codes

Unfortunately, AJHQ has not released any codes for the Spooky Armor set. If you know of any useful codes, or are looking to trade, leave a comment down below!

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