The Hive Cheats & Guide


Talk to Cosmo when you start the adventure. He’ll tell you that the Phantom King has found a way into Jamaa and that everyone could be in danger if you don’t stop him.


Head north by clicking on the phantom webs to destroy them. Keep going until you see Greely the Alpha Wolf. He’ll tell you about all of the phantom pods scattered through the hive. Keep making your way through the hive.

Keep walking until you get to this area. Cosmo will be over to your left, go talk to him. He tells you to find the four Alpha Stones and bring them to this area to open the door. Be sure to pick up a torch and boomseeds behind Cosmo. The Phantom King is waiting behind the door.


Make your way past Cosmo going through the phantom webs. Use your torch to light the big torches so you can see in the cave.


Find your way around the cave using your torch for light and the boomseeds to kill the phantoms. The cave is pretty big and has lots of different routes to take. Use the map below to help you find the Alpha Stones. The 4 stones are marked with blue dots on the map.


Once you find all 4 stones, the portal will open and you’ll see the phantom king.  You have to battle the phantom king using your boomseeds.  Wait until he tries to attack you, then use the boomseeds on him while he’s on the ground.  stay out of his circle while he tries to attack you to avoid getting hurt.


Eventually the Phantom King goes away and Cosmo comes out to thank you.  Enter the portal to return to Base Camp.


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