The Jamaalidays are Here!

Hey Jammers!  It’s December so you know what that means, the Jamaalidays!  If you’re new at Animal Jam then you’re in for a treat.  The Jamaalidays are a month long celebration where you can get exclusive items and accessories every day when you log in.

What’s even more special this year is that every Jammer (even non members) will receive a free diamond every other day when you log in.  How cool is that?!


The Jamaaliday House den is back at the Diamond Shop.  If you’ve ever wanted to turn your den into a gingerbread house, here’s your chance!  What a great way to celebrate the Jamaalidays.

The Jamaaliday Rescue adventure is also back and is available for everyone to play.  It’s up to you to find all the stolen presents and save the Jamaalidays!


Another exciting gift for the Jamaalidays is that all Jammers can now create masterpieces!  All you need to do is save up 2 diamonds then go to the Art Studio to create your masterpiece.

When you’re done, you can hang up your artwork in your den or even trade/gift it to other Jammers.  What better gift for your buddies than a one of a kind masterpiece that they can enjoy forever?!


Ever had a great conversation with another Jammer that you wish you could go back and re-read?  Well now you can.  All Jammers are now able to view their chat history.

If you head on over to the Diamond Shop you’ll see a new area where you can purchase Jamaaliday gifts from the past.  Each item only costs one diamond and if you log in enough during the month of December, you can collect them all!  Non members too!


The Jamaaliday Jam party is back and you can celebrate the holidays with this festive themed party.  Head on over there and check it out!

The pet reindeer have also returned for the Jamaaliday season and can be purchased at the diamond shop.  I wish you could have multiple pets at one time so you could have a whole team of reindeer following you around!


And so your reindeer wont get lonely, their larger siblings will also be returning to Jamaa soon.  They’ve been traveling for a while so I know some of your are anxious for them to return!  There’s also a fun new video at the art studio in Coral Canyons where you can see an awesome reindeer animation.


Arctic Foxes will only be available for a short time when you redeem a retail Animal Jam gift card.  These critters are perfect for the cold weather days ahead so hurry and get yours soon!


That’s it for the first wave of Jamaaliday news.  Be sure to log in every day to get your exclusive items and bonus diamonds all month!

  1. Hey ajw! I was wondering if you have new december codes coming soon?
    If you are then i am just telling that umm underwater is expirec i tried it and it dosen’t work so yeah bye

  2. Hi! Happy jammadays! Remember never stop giving! This is the season of holiday cheer! ~ Fox

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