The River’s Heart Adventure Guide & Cheats

Every Jammer likes to go on an adventure every now and then. If battling against Phantoms sounds interesting to you, then you should definitely give The River’s Heart adventure a try!

This adventure was released on February 1, 2018, and can be accessed by going through the portal in the Forgotten Archive. On June 7, 2018, a “hard mode” was added to the adventure.

The River’s Heart Adventure – Walkthrough Guide, Cheats & Tips

After going through the portal, you will first need to talk to Greely. His plan is to lead the stone on the raft down the river, but this will not be an easy tasks, as there are enemies ahead.

Once you are done talking to Greely, you will need to run along the river, and break any of the Phantom Webs that you come across. If you don’t break them, the raft will get stuck in them, and will not be able to continue down the river.

In the next area, there are several Phantoms that you need to trap. One of the Phantoms holds the valve, which you need to open the river, and allow the raft to continue.

Phantom Snares are little circles that have Phantoms in it. They are basically traps that are set out for the player. You can either avoid them, or destroy them. Once you pass this section, you will meet up with Greely again, who tells you that you need another valve. This valve is located beyond several Phantom Watchtowers. Stay out of their line of sight and retrieve the valve.

After this section, the water in the river turns purple. Three Phantom Pipes are polluting the water, and it is up to you to find three corks to close those pipes. In this area, you will find a few chests, and all but one of them are Phantom Mimic Chests.

The first cork is located near such a chest. Once opened, a Phantom will appear out of it. You’ll either have to destroy or avoid the Phantom.

Continuing downwards, you will find five chests in a circle. One of those chests contains a cork that you need. The other four are Phantom Mimic Chests, and contain Phantoms.

The last cork can be found in between patches of grass. However, to get there, you will need to face a large amount of Phantoms. Either avoid them, or get rid of them by attacking them.

You are now approaching the end of the first half of The River’s Heart adventure. After corking up the Phantom Pipes, you will come across more regular Phantoms, Phantom Snares and one Pedaling Phantom, who will need to be defeated by taking out the correct set of pipes across the river.

You will meet Greely again, who will tell you that he feels like they are being watched, and that everything has been too easy so far. Now you will continue to the second half of the adventure.

Second Half of The River’s Heart Adventure

At the start of the second half, you will first need to break another Phantom Web, and allow the raft to continue down river. Peck will appear on the raft, and you need go and talk to her.

She tells you that she has suspicions of Greely, and that she feels like they will get ambushed by Phantoms. After that, the first wave of Phantom ambushes appears.

The Phantom ambush has a total of five waves, and it is your job to take care of the Phantoms that appear. In the first three waves, you are able to use the Boomseeds ability, which is like a grenade. In the last two waves, you will get an additional ability, which is the Paintseeds. These are colorful bombs that take care of Phantoms in the area you throw it in.

The End of The River’s Heart Adventure

After completing all five waves, Greely shows up, and tells you that he was attacked. When he sees Peck, he stops what he was talking about, and continues to talk with Peck instead.

You can now follow the raft down the river, where you will see all six main Alphas. At first, Sir Gilbert gets angry with Greely, and asks him why he even took the stone to begin with. Once Greely explains himself, the Alphas notice that he is speaking the truth.

Each of the Alphas also drop a hint at future adventures. Cosmo talks about a new plant that he found. Liza states that she has seen a few interesting buildings. Graham talks about some new form of technology that he has discovered and Peck says that new animals will be able to find their way to Jamaa.

The River’s Heart Adventure Prizes

There are two different modes for this adventure; the regular and hard mode. Successfully completing it in either mode will allow you to choose a reward by picking one of five chests. The reward that you get is always random. It is possible that you will receive duplicates if you have already completed the adventure before. Let’s take a look at how the reward screen looks like.

If you successfully complete the adventure, the reward screen will show up. You get to choose from five different treasure chests. All of the rewards are den items, and the Phantom theme. Check out the pictures below to see what rewards you can get by completing this adventure.


If you like a challenge, you can also try to complete the adventure in hard mode. It makes the adventure more difficult to complete, especially since the Phantoms are harder to defeat. If you do manage to complete the adventure in hard mode, you are able to choose from five treasure chests again, as a reward. However, these chests contain different rewards, as seen below.



This guide was made possible with the help of a YouTube video by Cherrioz. Be sure to check out their channel for more Animal Jam content. Do you have any tips or tricks of your own? Share them with us in the comment section below!

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