The Trials of Zios Adventure Guide & Cheats

There are many different adventures in Animal Jam. The adventures vary from difficulty and the amount of time it takes to complete them. Most of the locations in the game have their story, their own lore. Today, we are going to walk through an adventure called The Trials of Zios.

The Trials of Zios was first introduced into the game on October 26, 2017. After several months, AJHQ upgraded the adventure by adding a hard mode, which was on May 10, 2018. The start of the adventure is at the Lost Temple of Zios, which you could probably tell by the name of it.

The Trials of Zios Walkthrough Guide – Tips & Cheats

In order to start the adventure, you will first have to travel to the Lost Temple of Zios. Once you are there, go to the Forgotten Archive by entering the pit, as seen in the picture below.

Walk down the stairs to find the adventure portals. Click on one of them, and simply start the adventure from there.

Once the adventure has started, you will walk by some pillars and speak to Liza and Sir Gilbert. They will tell you what the adventure is about, giving you a backstory about it. Once they have given you an introduction, they will disappear, and you will walk through some ruins to begin.

In those ruins, you need to find four buttons, which are scattered around. You will need to find and press on those buttons to activate them. However, you need to beware of the fire traps. They get activate when the player walks over them, dealing damage to your health points.

After pressing all four buttons, the next area gets unlocked. There are three fire pits that need to be lit up by the player. You will need to chase the flame, capture it, bring it over to a fire pit and light it up. You will need to do this three times in order to light up the entire room.

The Five Zios Trials

Now you have arrived at the part where you need to complete trials. There are a total of five trials, each having different tasks that you need to complete in order to proceed. The Five Trials are Patience, Wisdom, Persistence, Fortitude and Wit.

Patience Trial

This trial requires you to water each plant in that area. First you will need to solve the puzzle to allow the water to flow to a few plants. After that, you need to water several other plants by bringing a water can and watering them.

Wisdom Trial

This trial is quite easy. You need to pick up five animals and place them on the correct pillars. If you don’t know which animal belongs on which pillar, simply click on the pillar to get a clue.

Persistence Trial

The Persistence Trial is also a rather easy one. All you need to do is destroy the pillars that you find in that area by continuously clicking on them. There are four buttons hidden, which will get revealed when you destroy the pillars. You need to press those buttons to complete the trial.

Fortitude Trial

This trial is slightly more difficult. First, you need to pass three Phantom Spitters without getting hit. After that, you will find a mechanical chomper and six Phantoms scattered around. You first need to get close to the Phantoms and make them follow you. After that, you need to lead them to the chomper. The trial is completed when all six Phantoms are chomped.

Wit Trial

This trial is also slightly more difficult compared to the others. You need to make the Bulky Phantoms follow you to the four crates in the area. They need to slam down on those crates while trying to attack you, because this will break them. Collect all four gems to complete this trial.

The Trials of Zios Final Trial

After completing each trial, you need to bring the mask to the large door. Once you place all five masks on the door, it will open up, unlocking the final trial. This trial consists of large tiles with animal drawings on them. You need to follow the totem voice to know if you are supposed to walk over a herbivore or carnivore animal tile. If you make a mistake, you need to start over.

Once you make it through, you will see Liza and Sir Gilbert again, and they will tell you that you have completed the trials. You will get rewarded for your bravery, allowing you to pick from five treasure chests.

The Trials of Zios Rewards

The normal difficulty rewards you with either the Zios Mask Totem, Scroll Pedestal, Flame Traps, Trial Potted Plant or Trial Tiger Tile.

The Hard Mode difficulty rewards you with either the Zios Sofa, Zios Chair, Zios Window, Zios Table or Zios Lamp.

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