Why Your Username Says “New Jammer” on AJ

If you have just made an Animal Jam account, you might be wondering about why your username says “New Jammer” even though you just made up your own username. Well, if you didn’t know how this works, everyone on Jamaa can see your username, and it’s important that everyone is following the Animal Jam Rules when making their username for the game.

As soon as you create a new player account on Animal Jam, Animal Jam Head Quarters screens those usernames, which is to ensure that the usernames are good and are following all of the rules and guidelines of Animal Jam. It takes anywhere between 24 to 48 hours in order for your username to be approved by Animal Jam staff, so this is why your username says “New Jammer” before that approval window has closed. Animal Jam Head Quarters will change the username if the username is not following the rules of Animal Jam. If your username is approved, it will show up in Jamaa after that 48 hour window.

Remember, in order to have your username approved, you cannot use rude or mean language in your username, and you also cannot have any personal information such as first or last names in the username, even if the names are faked. You also cannot use special characters in your username, so make sure that you follow these rules to get your username to get approved sooner and show up on Jamaa. If you notice your name was changed, then you probably did violate some rule on Animal Jam, but if you are questioning it then you can contact Animal Jam staff to find out why.

  1. My username hasn’t changed from new jammer in weeks. Im a member and my username is Takachu, which has nothing wrong with it

  2. I’ve had my username as “New Jammer” for 3 days now, and it still hasn’t changed to Nectarinerose. Nothing is wrong with my username!

  3. my username hasnt changed in 3 days and its still says new jammer why is there a solution to fix it and is this a good username silverwølfy

  4. I joined too days ago and I waited 2 days for it to approve and still nothing is this a good username silverwølfy

  5. Do numbers count as special characters

    Been playing half a year or so, even purchased a membership

    and it still says ‘New Jammer’

    made a different account and it showed up, oh and all the items i had disappered, except my other animal anyone know the reason for this???

  6. Mine hasn’t changed and ive played for about half a year ! it still says new jammer i don’t knwo but is this name ok ? Kenzwillow as that was the aj name i put in it still says new jammer and whenever people try to look me up it says that user cannot be found !! i can still play tho and im not banned i dont get it please somewone help me!

  7. It’s been a month, and my username has not shown up! It has nothing against the rules and violations of Animal Jam Play Wild!

    What should I do?

  8. i is not working
    and i want to suprise some one

  9. I’ve been playing for a month and it still hasn’t changed to my normal username. Why?

    • I’ve been playing for 3 days now, and I realized it hasn’t changed to redspringbunny. I checked the Username Rules, and there is nothing wrong with it. I’m gonna need to fix something, that’s for sure.

  10. Hmm… my username still says “New Jammer” even though it’s been over 48 hours. In fact, it’s been almost a week. Has this happened to anyone else? Is there a solution?

    • Yes, i’ve been playing on my new account for almost a year and it still hasn’t changed to Miranda1201. It makes me mad but eh, what can we do?

  11. Yes!!!!! First to commet!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That makes sense!!!!

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