Wicked Armor Set in Animal Jam

On October 11, 2018, AJHQ released a new update. This update made the Spooky Snow Leopard available for purchase at the Diamond Shop. While it first seemed like that would be all, AJHQ snuck in a new armor set as well. The new armor set is called Wicked Armor. If you are looking to dress up as the devil for Halloween, the Wicked Armor set is exactly what you are looking for. The set consists of a total of five armor pieces, and is only available for members.

The Night of the Phantoms event is always the time when we see spooky animals, apparel items and den items. The Wicked Armor set is no exception to that fact. Today, we are going to take a closer look at the armor set, and the individual pieces that belongs to it. This set is great for any Jammers that were looking for a Halloween costume, but weren’t able to find one yet.

Wicked Armor Set Pictures

As mentioned above, the Wicked Armor set consists of five armor pieces; Wicked Cape, Wicked Amulet, Wicked Tail, Wicked Glove and Wicked Horns. I have taken some pictures to show all of you what the armor set looks like as individual pieces, as well as what it looks like when you put in on.

The Wicked Armor set can be purchased at the Diamond Shop. You will see a stand in the back corner. When you click on it, you will be able to purchase all five pieces. In total, the armor set costs 9 Diamonds, which is a fair price. The pictures below shows you what the pieces look like.

Wicked Horns

Wicked Glove

Wicked Tail

Wicked Cape

Wicked Amulet

How to Get the Wicked Armor Set in Animal Jam

The Wicked Armor set is currently for sale at the Diamond Shop. The easiest way to get the set would be to go there and purchase it for yourself. You do require a membership to wear it, and you will need 9 Diamonds to buy all pieces. If you don’t have enough Diamonds, you could see if there are any Jammers that are willing to trade you their Wicked Armor set.


Trading is always a viable option when you are looking to obtain certain items in Animal Jam. At the moment, you could easily find Jammers that are willing to trade their armor set with you. It is important that you remember that you will need to offer something of equal value in return.

Wicked Armor Set Codes

The Wicked Armor set is brand new. There are currently no codes available for it.

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